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Aligning Value with Usage and Outcomes: Introducing Flex

Stephanie Siow
August 17, 2021

By Jeff Kinder, Chief Digital Officer

As part of our continued drive to provide customers with flexible purchasing options that align value with usage and outcomes, we are introducing Flex. This innovative new offering merges the benefits of a named user model with the flexibility of pay as you go. Flex will be available on September 24*.

We are one of the first in our industry to offer a consumption model. This model complements our core subscriptions and benefits companies of all sizes. For our existing customers, Flex helps ensure they are maximizing the value of Autodesk products. It also allows existing customers to easily try products in our portfolio they haven’t used before. Similarly, with Flex, new customers can try our products at a lower price point – no subscription needed.

Meeting Customers Where They Are

Our priority is to enable our customers to achieve great outcomes. This means offering products in ways that fit their unique needs.

We have long envisioned bringing a flexible, pay as you go model to the broader market given the success of our enterprise offerings. As it turns out, our transition to named user has been a great opportunity to learn more about overall usage patterns. It showed us we need an option for users who don’t need access to subscriptions every day.

Flex is the obvious answer. The pay as you go model rounds out our offerings. It sits alongside subscriptions, or it can act as a standalone. Furthermore, Flex lowers the barrier to entry for potential new customers. The majority of our products are now available to customers whose introductory or occasional usage might not merit a subscription.

Benefits of Flex & How It Works

With a structure similar to other pay as you go models, Flex is easy to both use and manage. Users can manage as much or as little as they like–setting individual controls for every user or setting up default assignments for a more hands off approach. With the same insights customers have grown accustomed to in a single-user subscription, Flex provides rich data on users and usage.

Flex allows customers to:

  1. Easily try new products
  2. Optimize costs with pay per use
  3. Increase productivity, with faster procurement and less time spent on administration

What’s next?

At Autodesk, we are committed to providing innovative, new offerings for customers of all sizes. We have no doubt Flex will be a valued option. We are excited to see how both new and existing customers will use Flex to design and make a better world.

To learn more about Flex, please visit

*Not all products and features will be available with Flex. Additional details regarding Flex will be available after September 24, 2021.  

Stephanie Siow