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Digital Transformation Accelerating the Future of Work: Insights from Industry Leaders

Madhurjya Kotoky
April 6, 2022

Dubai Expo 2020 has shone a global spotlight on a multitude of important topics, from sustainability to water preservation and the future of our world. In synergy with the theme of the Expo, ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future,’ on March 25th, Autodesk hosted a panel of industry experts at the USA Pavilion, Expo 2020 to discuss “Digital Transformation Accelerating the Future of Work” and the impact of sustainability and Economic Social Governance (ESG) across industries.

Autodesk panel at the US Pavilion, World Expo 2020

The exclusive event brought together a panel of industry experts including Naji Atallah, Head of Construction and Manufacturing at Autodesk, Darryl Custer, Managing Director of KEO International Consultants, Sabah Haidar, Director of Operations at Dar Al Handasah and Riad Bsaibes President and CEO of AMANA Investments.

                                Members of the panel

During the discussion, the panellists spoke about how digital transformation is impacting the future of work, and what this means for the industry. This included an in-depth discussion on where digital transformation is leading, with the consensus that AI and robotics were the next stage for technology in the workplace. Darryl Custer observed, “When I think about the topic, we are living in the future now. The next step is AI and robotics to take us to the next level.” Addressing the much-debated topic of how automation and robotics will impact the way we currently work, Naji Atallah added, “Tech will allow us to focus on what matters. What I see is a partnership between people and automation.”

When asked what lessons we can learn from digital transformation, Riad Bsaibes said: “New technology requires a change in language. Two ways to ensure employees take on new processes is 1. over-communicate before you make any change, and 2. ensure to lead your people through the change.”

Conversation then shifted to the current trends seen across industries as well as how the pandemic impacted technology and digital transformation for businesses. Naji Atallah observed that it had forced both businesses and employees to adapt, saying, “With the pandemic, we learned to work remotely and now we have to learn how to work hybrid.”

With sustainability becoming an increasing priority for every industry, Sabah Haidar said, “Design capabilities with technology have become much bigger and more efficient, especially for sustainable design.”

Building on this topic, Riad Bsaibes added: “We [AMANA Investments] have data sensors we can place inside the walls that can turn the AC on and off as well as test the air quality. This means electricity is used more efficiently and can save up to 60% of your energy costs.”

                    Panel discussion in progress

The event concluded with an engaged audience question round, where the panellists shared insight on how their prospective companies dealt with cyber security, what was to come next after the current wave of digital transformation, the importance of investing in digital transformation, and how to overcome data analysis issues.

Integrating technology and automation for designing a better world, Autodesk believes that digital transformation, including artificial intelligence, is needed to help businesses and society meet the demands of our growing and urbanising global population. Through the expertise of the panel, the event offered an opportunity to exchange ideas and engage in discourse on how digital transformation is changing the world, including the impact of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), digital transformation & digital construction, sustainability & impact, and ESG in addition to other key aspects of the future of technology and automation.

           USA Pavilion at World Expo 2020

Madhurjya Kotoky