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5 days ago

New design of Notre-Dame de Paris surroundings unveiled for the first time

City of Paris, supported by Autodesk, announces design competition winner to reimagine the cathedral surroundings

In 2021, in parallel with the restoration of Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral, City of Paris launched a design competition to reimagine the urban landscape surrounding the cathedral. Four international multidisciplinary teams led by architects,

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City of Paris, supported by Autodesk, launches design competition to reimagine surrounding area of Notre-Dame de Paris

Four international teams will submit proposals for the redesign of the urban landscape surrounding the cathedral

In parallel with the reconstruction of Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral, the City of Paris has launched an international design competition to reimagine the area surrounding the cathedral. The reimagination of the area will provide Parisians and tourists the opportunity to further appreciate the rich history and heritage of Notre-Dame de Paris and its surroundings.

Amantur Tynybekov

Skills Report: Experience is Outpacing Education as a Hiring Priority in Construction and Manufacturing

By Jaime Perkins

As the economy recovers from the mass disruption caused by the pandemic, all eyes are on what’s been termed ‘the Great Resignation’, with nearly one in four UK workers planning to change jobs. Many workers, both the underemployed and those waiting to return to work,

Amantur Tynybekov

New research reveals digitally mature companies are preparing for the next wave of digital disruption

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A global research project by Altimeter and Autodesk (NASDAQ: ADSK) revealed that digitally mature companies are embracing the next wave of digital disruption known as convergence. Innovative practices such as virtual communications, personalized digital engagement, immersive modelling, rapid prototyping, and efficient collaboration are now mainstream due to an accelerated need brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Amantur Tynybekov

Autodesk introduces cloud-based tools to drive sustainable, resilient project outcomes for communities, buildings, and infrastructure at AU 2021

Authored by Nicolas Mangon

Perhaps more than ever in recent history, the architecture, engineering, and construction industries are at the forefront of how we respond to and prepare for global challenges. Climate change and COVID-19 remind us that both people and planet are fragile.

Amantur Tynybekov


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