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AU 2014 Keynote Address: The Future of How Things Are Made

autodesk university
December 2, 2014

“Almost everything we design is dead.”
Jeff Kowalski opened this morning’s rousing keynote with a truth bomb, and it certainly got our attention. You mean there’s an alternative? The notion of designing generatively, following the example nature provides, is indeed sci fi. But the fact is that because this approach to design is finally within the realm of possibility…it’s already happening. As it turns out, there’s no stopping progress.

This year’s AU theme, The Future of How Things Are Made, speaks to the possibility of adding a living component to everything you make. As Jeff says, “using everything that already is as a starting point for what will be” (considering all existing designs before designing anew) is how evolution works. And quantum leaps are possible. Over time, products will be responsive to their environments.


Breaking the glass between the digital and physical worlds
Carl Bass spoke to our packed stadium (standing room only!) about the many recent developments at Autodesk that have helped to shatter the glass between the digital world and the physical world.

There are 60,000 people out there using it, and AU attendees will receive a free 1-year subscription.

Fusion 360
It’s the world’s first cloud-based mechanical CAD product.

Spark is our open-source 3D printing platform.

Ember Explorer
This program provides access to an early build of the Ember™ 3D printer.

BIM 360
Now you can use digital technology at the construction site.

Autodesk Subscription
Moving forward, it will be possible to simply subscribe to Autodesk. That’s all Autodesk products, for 1 price, on any machine, and any platform.

Free software for the education community
All Autodesk software is now available free to students and educators.


Project H
No one could be happier about the free student software than Emily Pilloton, founder of Project H. Through this nonprofit, Emily teaches youth (particularly girls and students of color), the skills to design and build their own creations. Her efforts are truly powering the design revolution, by supporting the next generation of creative, confident changemakers. Visit Project H online to learn what her students are working on.



You can watch the recorded Keynote Address online anytime.


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