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AU Blog Standards & Guidelines


Thank you for your interest in writing for the Autodesk University blog!

The goal of the AU blog is to share thought leadership, insights into industry practices, workflows, technology trends, and personal stories relevant to our community of online users and conference attendees.

Please read through our guidelines to ensure your submission meets our requirements.

Dos – Your post should be appropriate to the AU community and serve to enlighten others in your field. It should focus on learning, problem solving, and thought leadership. Some possible approaches include:

Thought leadership: Are you a team leader?  Is your company at the forefront of using technology to become more competitive, more efficient, and to enhance professional skills and industry practices? Tell us what you’re seeing and doing, and how you’re accomplishing the next great thing.

Technology trends: Are you experiencing rapid changes in your industry? How are you keeping up? What are you doing to solve the problems that lie ahead? Our readers would love to hear how you’re using technology to work for you.

Personal tips: Have you attended an AU conference? Write about your experience or provide your favorite tips for others who are thinking about attending. If you’ve been a speaker at AU and your class is available at AU online, give us  additional insights into your class topic, or updates you’ve uncovered since your class.

Professional development: You’re learning new skills every day in your work. How can you share what you’re learning with others in your field? What wisdom can you impart? What projects do you want to share with like-minded individuals from the AU community?

Topics: While we’re open to a wide range of topics, we especially appreciate posts that incorporate advanced manufacturing, BIM, 3D printing, architecture and design visualization, and CAD management.

Don’ts – Your post should not focus on self-promotion or sales. It should not present Autodesk software step-by-step practices. While AU online and AU conferences are great places to learn such practices, the AU blog isn’t the best place for that material—check out the Autodesk Knowledge Network instead.  It’s just the place to share short articles, screencasts, and workflows that provide quick answers to pressing questions for Autodesk users worldwide.

AU blog post guidelines

  • Content must be unique. While your post topic can be similar to what you’ve written about elsewhere, we’d appreciate a new spin on the material geared toward the AU community with the above standards in mind.
  • Your post should be between 500 and 1,500 words and can include a maximum of 4 links to relevant material.
  • Applicable images and videos that support your post will be accepted at the discretion of the AU editorial team. Please credit all sources and files.
  • Provide a brief bio (100 words maximum) and a photo of yourself to include with the post. Your bio may include 1 link.
  • AU reserves the right to edit submissions for spelling, grammar, and length, including headlines and subheads.
  • Submission does not guarantee publication.
  • If your submission is published, we ask that you help get the word out by mentioning it on your social media handles and other outreach channels. AU will do the same.

Ready to write?

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