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This week we celebrate the first anniversary of the Autodesk Foundation. If you were at AU this past year, you may have learned a bit about them. They’ll be back again this year with even more to say about their mission: investing in people and organizations that use design to create a better world. The first foundation to focus investment exclusively on impact design, the Foundation supports those who use the principles and tools of design to solve social and environmental problems.

In the first year, the Autodesk Foundation awarded 15 grants in a wide range of fields. One grantee organization designs high-quality, low-cost prosthetics for populations who otherwise wouldn’t have access. Another creates income-boosting irrigation products for the rural poor in Myanmar. Yet another focuses on the construction of disaster-resistant homes in devastated areas. You can read all about these incredible designers on the Foundation’s Stories of Impact page. You can also see their work in action in this great video the Foundation just released. Inspiring stuff.

Timed with their anniversary, Autodesk Foundation is announcing the newest grant recipients. Without further ado, here they are:

Catapult Design takes a human-centered approach to research and design to create products and services to improve the lives of those who are most in need. 

Design that Matters works with social enterprises and volunteers to design new products and services for the poor in developing countries. 

TAMassociatipractices sustainable architecture, urban planning, landscape design, and more, with mutual respect for people and the environment.

billionBRICKS works to improve the quality of life of the homeless through the power of design and good architecture, ultimately envisioning a world where no one is homeless.

The Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellowship partners new architects with local community development organizations for 3-year fellowships to create green, sustainable, affordable communities. addresses the needs of the poor in sectors like health, water and sanitation, financial inclusion, agriculture, and gender equity using human-centered design.

The Hydrous is dedicated to capturing the world’s coral reefs in interactive 3D to better understand and preserve them.

PopTech is a global community of innovators, working together to expand the edge of change. They offer 3 different fellowships.

Congratulations to all the new grantees and the Foundation for working to advance the field of impact design. We can’t wait to see what you achieve together in the coming year. 

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