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BIM 360 Release Notes

BIM 360 Field Issues and Checklists for iPhones

Mike Davison
November 21, 2017

We are happy to announce that BIM 360 Field for iPhones is available in the app store!

BIM 360 Field for iPhones is an extension of the Field mobile application available on the iPad. BIM 360 Field for iPhones provides Issue and Checklist management on an iPhone, putting critical information into the hands of those in the field, helping to measurably improve quality, safety, and commissioning for construction and capital projects of all types.

Field issues and checklist for iPhoneField issues and checklist for iPhone

What’s included?

In BIM 360 Field for iPhones, you can:

  • Create and manage Field Classic issues and checklists on an iPhone in the field
  • Compile quality, safety, or commissioning checklist results for trades, scope, and/or time periods
  • Capture photos within issues and checklists

Note: This release does not impact our plans to deliver the next generation of products.

What’s not included?

BIM 360 Field for iPhones does not include Equipment, Tasks, Library, Photos or Daily Updates.

Where can I get it?

Use your iPhone to log into the app store and search for BIM 360 Field for iPhones or go here: BIM 360 Field for iPhones.


The BIM 360 Field Team

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Mike Davison


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  1. Avatars.kennaway

    Thanks @krystian.macek I have now raised this as a support issue.

  2. Avatarkrystian.macek

    @s.kennaway @Clancy_Construction are you sync settings for checklists same as your iPad sync settings?  Please submit a support case if you are still having issues after confirming the sync settings.

  3. Avatarsteve.mackellar

    Anyone else having issues login on via iphone SE ?

    PC account is working fine 

    But can’t login to BIM360 field on phone using these details

  4. AvatarClancy_Construction

    Yeah we are getting similar behaviour – no checklists appearing

  5. Avatars.kennaway

    One of the users has just sent me this photo that no checklists are loading. Anyone else had this issue?360 Field Screen Ipone.png

  6. AvatarChad-Smith

    While I understand that Android will not receive support for classic features, the lack of support for next-gen continues to disappoint.
    iOS has a next-gen app. But right out the gate Android users are already being left behind.
    It’s about time Autodesk provides feature parity with app releases across platforms. It’s 2017.

  7. Avataraaronwagner

    I agree with keros.leder.  Although I’m an Android user, I do understand and appreciate what a huge step forward this app is for the industry.  It definitely lays a foundation for catering to all mobile users.  They’re not done yet!  (Thank you, Krystian and team!)

  8. Avatarkeros.leder

    This is a great step forward.  Even though it doesn’t have all the functionality of the iPad it does encompass the two most used modules within B360F Classic.  

    This was announced at AU last week, you just had to be in the appropriate class that discussed the B360 Roadmap.  Many of us downloaded the app prior to leaving the class, despite Krystian’s request… 🙂 

    It’s a valid point that Next Gen will have this functionality, and then some, but many of us are not planning on jumping to Next Gen for quite some time, especially with existing projects, so this helps in those situations.  Can’t complain too much about getting add’l tools even though it doesn’t include all the functions or cover all the devices, at least it’s more than we had.  

    Keep moving forward and keep improving. 

  9. Avatarcaulkapplicators

    I wasn’t even aware that other than everything else going wrong with my
    iphone that there was an issue going on with everybody’s downloads. etc.
    Thank god I have a backup Android or I would be all day sending a text.

  10. Avatared.bellman_danis

    Yeah, I’m surprised this was even released with the NextGen preview stuff right around the corner in a couple of weeks.  That and I don’t believe anything was said about this at AU last week, which is a little odd.  

    Either way, it’s better than the nothing that we had before on iPhone.  Thanks!

  11. Avatarkrystian.macek

    Thanks for your feedback!  I am happy to report that next generation Field will be available on Android as it rolls out in preview mode in December.


  12. Avatarbruce

    BIM360 Field for iPhone is pretty much useless for those of us with Android phones

  13. Avatartgranat

    Without pin access issues module is not very useful. I understand on the small interface would makes this addition difficult, but I don’t see much functionality without it.

  14. AvatarPaulKelly

    I have an Android phone. I would like to use BIM360 but I cannot.