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BIM 360 Release Notes

We are pleased to announce that the 30-day free BIM 360 Design trial is now LIVE! Many people asked for that over the last couple of months, and now we are ready to rock. If you are interested to try BIM 360 Design, sign up here.

Please read the “Important Notices” section before signing up:
* All features of the paid product are included in the trial version.
* The trial requires Revit® 2018.3 or later versions to run.
* The trial does not include access to BIM 360 Team, on Revit 2018.2 and earlier Revit versions.
* There is a one-trial-per-email restriction in place, which applies to customers who trialed Collaboration for Revit in the past.
* The sign-up pages and activation emails are only available in English at this time.
* Any one may sign up for a trial, but for firms on the path to purchase, it is recommended that Contract Managers/admins set up trial accounts, then add users and projects.

Please read and bookmark the trial FAQ:
To convert your trial hub/site to a paid hub/site, please contact your reseller.


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Markus Briglmeir

Markus Briglmeir CAD and 3D are the topics that inspired Markus starting from the times at university. In his roles as landscape architect & AutoCAD user, project manager, solution implementer, educator and software presenter Markus gathered a lot of experience in the infrastructure and business. Over the years cloud based solutions got more and more of his focus. Markus now works in the Autodesk BIM Project Delivery team as Product Manager on the Design Collaboration module based on BIM 360. More: member of Autodesk Switzerland, and Bayern Munich Football club, Landscape Architect and Manager of a Bavarian Brass band. Likes Rock & Rocks, Bike & Ski. Plays Drums & Percussion in private and with BIM 360 in professional life.