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BIM 360 Release Notes

BIM 360 Project Management Update – November 29, 2018

Laurie Spitler
November 29, 2018

We are pleased to announce the release of great new functionality in the submittals section of Project Management today!

Add Items from Package view.  Submittal Managers can now create a package, and then add items from package view, streamlining the package creation and submission process.

When a submittal manager selects the “add items” button in an empty or partially complete package, they will be able to select additional items submitted by the same Responsible Contractor to add to the package.

Project Admins now have permission to act on behalf of Reviewers in the Submittal module.  Allowing project admins to enter responses on behalf of reviewers provides project teams with flexibility of process while allowing the correct reviewer to be displayed in the Reviewer field and in reports.  Note that the activity log will identify that the Project Admin logged the response.

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Laurie Spitler