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BIM 360 Release Notes

BIM 360 Insight Update: Insight now available for all next gen BIM 360 projects

Manu Venugopal
January 10, 2019

BIM 360 Insight module is now available for all next gen BIM 360 projects. With BIM 360 Insight, users now have relevant project information right at their fingertips. Through easy to use dashboards and reporting tools, teams are able to gain visibility into project issues, assess trends and patterns, identify potential problems and take action.


  • Unified analytics and reporting
  • Across BIM 360 services
  • Persona based
  • Access controlled by Project Admins

What is available today in Insight?

We have expanded our analytics capabilities and added a new reporting service and additional analytics capabilities for Quality, Safety, and Project Controls.

Learn more about BIM 360 Insight features in our BIM 360 blog post on How to Avoid Costly Mistakes and Improve Construction Project Management with BIM 360 Insight





Project Controls



More details about the Reporting functionality is available in our earlier release notes: Reporting is now available in BIM 360 Insight.

How to get access to BIM 360 Insight?

All next gen BIM 360 projects will have the Insight module enabled by default. Project Admins can control who gets access to BIM 360 Insight.

If you are a Project Admin, follow these steps to give your project members access to BIM 360 Insight:

Step 1: Login to BIM 360 Project Administration for your Project

Step 2: Navigate to Members tab

Step 3: For existing and new users, click on the Insight column to give access to Insight

Specific tabs/pages a user will have access within Insight are directly based on users access to the respective services in BIM 360. For example, a user with access to Document Management will be able to see only Project Controls and Reports pages in Insight. In order to get the Quality and Safety pages, a user needs to have access to Field service.

Read more about Insight access and permissions in our Insight help documentation.


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Manu Venugopal

Manu Venugopal is an Architecture, Engineering, and Construction technology expert and thought leader focusing on Building Information Modeling, data and analytics. As a Senior Product Manager at Autodesk, Manu helps the BIM 360 team build innovative products using cloud and mobile technologies and improve the Construction industry processes. Manu is currently working on introducing machine learning and predictive analytics to construction industry providing insights to customers to help them deliver projects successfully. He is passionate about interoperability and helps partners and developers build apps and integrations with BIM 360 on the Forge platform. Manu has a Doctoral degree from Georgia Tech, under the guidance of Prof. Chuck Eastman. Manu’s doctoral research introduced semantic web technologies to solve AEC industry challenges. He also has a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering. He is a co-author of the National BIM Standard and more than 30 publications.

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  1. AvatarchadcJB6R9

    Is there a way to remove/delete an issue in document management? The problem is when an issue was voided it still appears in insight graph.