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BIM 360 Release Notes

BIM 360 Project Management Update – June 10, 2019

Laurie Spitler
June 10, 2019

The BIM 360 Project Management team is proud to announce the release of Custom Numbering for RFIs.  As of today, Project Admins and RFI Managers will be able to assign custom numbers to RFIs.

Custom RFI Numbering

  • Users assigned the the Workflow role of Manager or Project Admin can now customize the number of any RFI on the project

Suggested next number

  • As RFIs are sent to the Reviewer, you will see a suggested next number pre-filled.
  • This number will be the last assigned RFI number +1
  • You can override suggested numbers, but will not be allowed to create duplicate numbers

Sort Order

  • The default sort order will have:
    • Unnumbered RFIs at the top (sorted by creation date)
    • All numbered RFIs in descending order

Voided RFIs

  • Voided RFIs will retain their number.
  • If you would like to reuse the number of the voided RFI, you should renumber the voided RFI.  You will then be able to re-use the number

Only Assign Numbers to Official RFIs

  • Numbers are assigned to RFIs when they are sent to the Reviewer
  • As you send the RFI to the Reviewer, you will see the next suggested number.  You will have the opportunity to override and add a custom number.
  • RFIs in Draft and Submitted state will not be assigned a number.

Revision numbering

  • We now support .1 revision numbering.  Users can create a revision RFI and create a revision RFI by creating a new RFI and setting the number to #.1  (example: RFI 7, RFI 7.1)
  • The next RFI will be created with the next suggested number of 7.2.  Users will manually enter the next number on the project to reset the suggestion counter.
  • We do not provide full support for revision formats that use letters, such as r1 and rev1.  RFIs labeled with this format will not sort according to the expected sort order.

Alpha-numeric format

  • We support alpha-numeric formats.  For example, a user could start RFIs with BID-1.  The next suggested number will be BID-2.
  • Identifying letters should precede identifying numbers in order to sort in the expected sort order. (Example: RFI AB-5 will sort as expected, RFI 5-AB will not)
  • We allow for multiple series on a project, but if the series are running concurrently, you may have to manually manage numbers to make sure RFIs are designated properly.

Known issues

  • We are working to resolve some mobile behavior may cause original IDs to be displayed in some cases when offline or switching projects.  We expect this experience to be fully resolved by the end of the month.  Until that time, if users experience this behavior, they are advised to reconnect to the internet and close and open the app.

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Laurie Spitler

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  1. Avatarkal.houhou



    I’d like to see the same sequence numbering applied to Issues that contains markups. We are actually maintaining a manual log for issues per discipline (25 on our recent project) it is annoying. Please add this feature to Issues – it is nice to have an automatic RFI numbering sequence too!