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BIM 360 Release Notes

BIM 360 Daily Logs – Reopening and Activity Log

December 15, 2020

Following the recent release of multiple daily logs, we have added two new features to further  increase data accuracy and transparency for daily logs:

  • Reopening
  • Activity log


Reopening a daily log

It often happens that after submitting a log, users realize they made a mistake or forgot to capture a piece of information. To help with these cases users will be able to reopen a log within 24 hours of submittal, while admins will be able to reopen logs without any limitation.




Activity log

The new activity log will provide full transparency into what changes were made to a daily log. If a team member changed to status of the log or the labor data it will be visible in the daily log right away. Even if someone reopened a daily log and updated some of the data, the activity log will include the event of the reopening.

Note: The activity log will start capturing and showing events as of the feature release date on Dec. 16, 2020. Changes made before this release will not be accessible in the activity log.



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