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BIM 360 Release Notes

Released Today

BIM 360 Cost Management now includes a set of functionality that enables users to better plan and manage their construction costs. Here’s what’s included in the release.

Method Related Costs: Phase 1 Planning

Method related costs allows users to plan time-based allowances, such as General Conditions, in a visual way. With this BIM 360 Cost release, users will be able to:

  • Add in key schedule milestones, the start date and end date and display visually with Gantt bars
  • Manage budgets and subitems by adding in start and end date, ratio of time charged to job, associate unit cost. All items are displayed with Gantt bars allowing users to visually plan their budgets.

Budget to Contracts: ‘Many to Many’

Users can now allocate a single budget item to multiple contracts as well as the existing ability to link multiple budget line items to a single contract providing additional flexibility.

Here’s how it’s done:

  • Project Admins can enable this feature by going into the General Section of the Project Admin module. Note: once this feature is selected, it cannot be changed back for that project.

  • After enabling the feature, users will be able to allocate multiple budget items to a contract. When allocating a budget to a contract, they can switch the selector to show budgets already allocated. Users can then select the additional budget items for the given contract.

  • In the budget view, users will be able to see the multiple contracts linked to the budget line item.

Recently Released

Budget Improvements

  • Lock Segment Code Master List: Admins have the option to lock the Segment Code Master List. Once locked, only segment codes in the master list can be used in budget codes.

  • New Calculated Budget Columns: Retention/Retainage amount is now available in calculated budget columns

Contracts Improvements

  • Supplier Address in Company Dropdown- To differentiate the different offices of the same company, users can now view the supplier company’s address in the company dropdown

  • Create Contract Option – Create contract option is now available as an option from the context menu of Budget edit mode to directly create a contract from a selected budget item

Change Order Improvements

  • Define hierarchy option – It’s always been possible to break down cost items in to more granular sub items but we’ve added an option in the menu to guide users to where it’s done to help expedite the workflow

  • Added additional narrative to help explain scope options – To assist new users with understanding the effect of each selected option


  • Workflow bar- Users can more easily understand where change orders are in the process with the new workflow bar.

Noteworthy Integrations

Quickbooks Online Integration via ACC Connect: Through ACC Connect, BIM 360 Cost Users are able to create bi-directional connections between Quickbooks Online and BIM 360 Cost. For example, users can leverage the integration to automatically push transactions, such as subcontractor payment applications and expense invoices, from BIM 360 to Quickbooks or vice versa, ensuring both systems are updated and in sync.

To learn more about ACC Connect and the integrations offered visit:


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