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BIM 360 Release Notes

Cash Flow Forecasting

With the latest Cost Management release, teams can now create forecast distributions for each budget item and access a project-level cash flow analysis to visualize the difference between planned actual and forecast quickly. Click here to view a step-by-step guide.

Connecting Cost & Time

  • Connect schedule tasks to budget line items to quickly determine duration and enable calculations for annual price increases.


Built-In Forecast Distribution Curves

  • Perform forecast distributions for each budget line item. Choose from four built-in forecast distribution curves, including front-loaded, rear-loaded, typical, and linear.
  • When performing distributions to items connected to schedule tasks, dates automatically pull in, but can be altered if necessary.
  • Customize the distribution further by adding or removing date ranges.
  • Easily make edits within the forecast final cost field as you make projections.
  • The system will auto-flag if the distribution total doesn’t match the forecast-final cost.


Project Level Cash Flow Analysis

  • Access a project-level cash flow analysis in the new Forecast tool. A built-in dynamic time-versus-money chart, allows you to visualize the project-level cash flow distribution throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Within this view, the information is summarized by revised budget, work completed, actual costs, and forecast-final cost, which can be viewed by period or cumulatively.
  • Ability to quickly drill down into details if needed. 

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