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EnergyPlus Cloud Labs Project opens access to all users

May 5, 2015

After six months of intense development, testing, and limited preview, EnergyPlus Cloud web service is now available to the broader user community.  A wide range of EnergyPlus models have been submitted by users and new report features have been added based on user feedback.  A few users have been able to take advantage of the cloud-based simulation service for very complex models, and complete simulation within 5 minutes compared to an hour or more on desktop computers.  Several users are also experimenting with the RESTful API.  The BPA team is now extending the technology preview to everyone without restriction.  This offer is available to all users until end of June 2015.

EPC Access

Have you tried using EnergyPlus Cloud yet?  If not, the time is right now.  Give it a try and share your experience by contributing to the forum.


Efrat Stark is a Product Manager at Autodesk who works on Autodesk's online properties. Her main products are Autodesk University Online and Community which includes blogs, social share, social sign in, comments, reviews, public profiles, and more.


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  1. AvatarStephanie

    You should be able to access the EP Cloud service without restriction now at
    Please let us know if you still have trouble.

  2. AvatarColin

    I had attempted to register prior to EnergyPlus Cloud being open for all users, and I still see that my application is pending on Autodesk Labs.
    How can I obtain access?