• Learn from the Experts: Real-time Visualization (OpenGL) in VRED

    This 4-part YouTube tutorial series focuses on real-time visualization (OpenGL) in VRED. Automotive designer Christian Woefel shares tips and tricks for setting up and optimizing your VRED scenes for better performance. The videos explain the necessary trade-offs to get the best possible render quality while maintaining smooth, real-time interaction with the scene in VRED. Watch […]

  • Autodesk University 2022: Automotive and Industrial Design Content On Demand

    Over the course of two weeks, more than 10,000 attendees took in sessions at Autodesk University 2022. If you joined us, we hope you had a fantastic experience. And if you didn’t, we hope you’ll consider it for next year. We know the value of time these days, so we wanted to share AU Automotive […]

  • Behind the Scenes with Mike Turner, Series 03, Episode 03: The Basics of Raytraced Interior Rendering in VRED

    In episode 02 of his third VRED series, Mike Turner takes us through interior rendering and VR set-up, offering some great tips for optimizing scenes to perform well with less than less-than-state-of-the-art hardware. In episode 03, Mike goes deeper into raytraced rendering and covers the basics as well as an overview of VRED options and […]

  • Getting Started with Alias, Parts 3-5: Marking Menus, Hotkeys, Preferences

    5-part video series for beginners Part 3: Introduction to Marking Menus Part 4: Using Hot Keys Part 5: Saving and Exporting Preferences In this five-part series, our own Rich Mazza introduces you to the fundamentals of Alias. Think of this as getting a lay of the land, a high-level overview of the Alias User Interface […]

  • Make Your Own Monster: Hands-on Introduction to SubD Modeling

    What This Is These tutorials cover Alias Essential Skills in a 3-part video series: Part 1: Creating the Basic Elements Part 2: Exploring the Integration of SubDs and NURBS Who It’s For Beginners in Alias, or Alias modelers learning SubD workflows. Why This? We realize that the Monster you see above is not the latest […]

  • PAUSE: Dynamo Tips for Alias

    Our new PAUSE series aims to share Design Studio Blog posts you may have missed. It’s a chance for you to pause on a particular subject or series and take it in. PAUSE on Dynamo for Alias Autodesk QA Automotive Manager Michael Guenther-Geffers created a three-part series on some perhaps unfamiliar benefits to using Dynamo […]

  • Behind the Scenes with Mike Turner — Series 03, Episode 02: Interior Rendering & VR Set-up in VRED

    In episode 01 of his third VRED series, Mike Turner gives us an overview of DGDesign’s history with public transportation design and shares some of the work they’ve done. In episode 02, Mike turns to interior rendering and VR set-up. He discusses his experiences with interior design visualization in VRED and has some great tips […]

  • Learn from the Experts: High-End Visualization in FullGI with Toby Lee

    The Expert CGI Artist Toby Lee didn’t plan on a career in automotive design. He envisioned a career in the gaming industry and pursued that training. But when he modeled a car for part of his study, he discovered the passion for automotive design and redirected his energy and talent. We asked Toby to do […]

  • The Alias Workbench: Kerry Kingston’s Alias Training Videos

    Learning Alias Back in the day, designer and Alias expert Kerry Kingston created a slew of Alias training videos that she hosted at www.aliasworkbench.com. The decision to call the site a “workbench” was a deliberate one: Kerry wanted the videos to reflect the lived experience of designers (which can be messy, with a short attention […]

  • Essential SKILLS: Getting Started With Alias

    5-part video series for beginners Part 1: Introduction to Alias User Interface Part 2: Fundamental Alias tools In this five-part series, our own Rich Mazza introduces you to the fundamentals of Alias. Think of this as getting a lay of the land, a high-level overview of the Alias User Interface and the key tools you’ll […]

  • Getting the Most from Alias Help: A Conversation with Alias Help Expert Randal Ellwood

    We’ve seen your engagement with our learning and training tools, both here at the Design Studio Blog and via our LinkedIn channels. So Autodesk Chief of Staff Blake Avery and I sat down with Randall Ellwood, Principal Content Developer, to talk about Alias Help. You can listen to the podcast here: Alias Help Basics What […]

  • Learn Alias and VRED at home: Autodesk Releases Alias and VRED Learning Editions

    What they are, how they work, who can access What kind of Learning Edition software is Autodesk releasing? Both Alias and VRED are releasing Learning Editions. They’re meant to increase access to our software. This provides users the time to really get to know the programs and finesse their skills. We’ve heard from a lot […]

  • Behind the Scenes with Mike Turner: Industry Insights on Public Transport

    Welcome to the third series of DGDesign’s Senior Designer Mike Turner. In this series, Mike walks us through public transport design – exteriors, interiors, branding, etc. In episode 01, Mike talks about DGDesign’s history with public transport and shares some of the work they’ve done. Public Transport Highlights 2:31Project: New Nova FleetsClient: Trans Pennine Express […]

  • Immersive Storytelling, Collaborative Practice: The Academy of Art University’s School of Industrial Design

    The Academy of Art University, San Francisco When we first spoke with Antonio Borja, Director of the School of Industrial Design and heard about the Academy of Art University’s unique interdisciplinary program and rich industry collaborations, we wanted to know more. So we asked Antonio and some of his students to talk to us about […]

  • AIF 2022: Alias, VRED and ShotGrid Deep Dives

    Every year, a highlight of AIF is our product deep dives. This is where our product teams share what’s new in Alias, VRED and Shotgrid, as well as highlighting the solutions each offers for your production pipeline. If you were unable to attend AIF in Munich – or you’d really like to experience these again […]