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Autodesk Alias – CDN Webinar – Alias Class A and Class A migration paths

On Wednesday July 8, Phil Botley, Steve Cobert  and I (Barry Kimball) hosted another Car Design News webinar, we shared a short class A roadmap, demonstrated some new tools as well as generic best practice advice. We also discuss our suite of training material, migration courses and packages for contractors,

Barry Kimball

A Creative Digital Pipeline with Alias, VRED & Shotgun

On Wednesday July 22, Phil Botley, Lukas Fäth and I (Brandon Tasker) hosted another Car Design News webinar, where we shared our vision of a digital pipeline using Autodesk tools.

The three of us often talk about our tools independently—we know, and like to share,

Brandon Tasker

The Holy Grail: GPU Realtime Raytracing

Simon Nagel and I have made two Deep Dive videos on our new VRED GPU Ray Tracing technology that we’re really excited to share with you. But rather than just dropping the videos on YouTube, we wanted to give you the story about why we did it and how we got here.

Danny Tierney

Solving Common Design Challenges with Shotgun

Autodesk’s Technical Specialist Daniel Wright, also known on YouTube as “Alias Guy,” created an overview video about how Shotgun can be used in automotive design, and how it can help solve common challenges for users in the studio.

Key Focus

This video covers the solutions to common problems key personas,

Brandon Tasker

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