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Solving Common Design Challenges with Shotgun

Autodesk’s Technical Specialist Daniel Wright, also known on YouTube as “Alias Guy,” created an overview video about how Shotgun can be used in automotive design, and how it can help solve common challenges for users in the studio.

Key Focus

This video covers the solutions to common problems key personas,

Brandon Tasker

Ford’s Realtime Design Review in Virtual Space is doing a series on their livestream broadcast about how various design studios are adapting to the global lockdown, finding new and creative solutions in adversity.

Their May 21 broadcast showcased Ford’s live design review in virtual space. Ford’s designers have taken hardware and VR setups home (with permission!),

Lukas Faeth

Project Sugarhill: Technical Preview 6

Project Sugarhill from Autodesk is a technical preview of immersive (VR) conceptual design tools. The goal of Project Sugarhill is to allow artists and designers to start their creative process directly in 3D.  Using simple curve, surfacing and sculpting tools users can explore form and shape while being fully immersed alongside their design.  

Colin Smith

Autodesk VRED 2021 Deep Dive – Series 4

The fourth and last batch of our VRED 2021 Deep Dive videos gets into our ongoing decoupling and modernization projects and we will talk about improvements we have done for our Python API, scripting capabilities and the migration to Python 3.

For everyone focusing on data- pipeline integration,

Pascal Seifert

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