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Stay Tuned: Project Arrow

We’re excited to announce a three-part series on APMA’s Project Arrow, a collaborative response to our global need for zero-emission vehicles from a Canadian perspective. Think: APMA expertise and Autodesk support meet next generation conception and design.

Image: Traction in Context (City North) — APMA

Our first post will dive into the winning team’s experience of their first professional design collaboration.

Blake Avery

ALIAS Create VR – VR Review (Video 5)

You’ve created the concept, refined it, reviewed for your own feedback, set the scene—now it’s time to share. Create VR offers the potential for collaborative reviews in VRED, and when your model is fully rendered, you have more sightlines on what you want to edit.


Our final video in this series covers the basics of moving your model from Alias to VRED,

Colin Smith

ALIAS Create VR – Setting the Scene (Video 4)

An integral part of any workflow is rendering, where we can see a refined model painted, in the right environment, with appropriate lighting.

It’s hard to fully capture the value this offers: the reality of seeing your rendered, photorealistic model in VR, being able to vary paint colors,

Colin Smith

Sketching in Create VR for Alias

Over the last few months, we’ve shared what Autodesk Create VR for Alias offers designers and 3D modelers: an immersive virtual environment that can speed the transformation from 2D concept to 3D model. Colin Smith’s posts and videos demonstrate some of what’s possible with this technology.

Lena Le

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