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904e – a masterclass in collaborative digital concept design

If you want to see industrial design, automotive concepts AND digital rendering all in one place, look no further than the portfolio of award-winning senior designer Mike Turner.

I’ve enjoyed a 20 year+ professional relationship with Mike that comes with a high regard for the simplicity and clarity of his designs.

Robin Oldroyd

Autodesk Alias – Subdivisional Modeling Starter Pack

We are excited to announce a new Autodesk offering: the Alias SubD Starter Pack. This new training offering shows you how to create 3D Subdivision models, represented by NURBS limit surfaces, from your concept sketches. We know that design is all about choices, and this new technology gives you the time and flexibility to explore your options.

Barry Kimball

Autodesk Alias – CDN Webinar – Alias Class A and Class A migration paths

On Wednesday July 8, Phil Botley, Steve Cobert  and I (Barry Kimball) hosted another Car Design News webinar, we shared a short class A roadmap, demonstrated some new tools as well as generic best practice advice. We also discuss our suite of training material, migration courses and packages for contractors,

Barry Kimball

A Creative Digital Pipeline with Alias, VRED & Shotgun

On Wednesday July 22, Phil Botley, Lukas Fäth and I (Brandon Tasker) hosted another Car Design News webinar, where we shared our vision of a digital pipeline using Autodesk tools.

The three of us often talk about our tools independently—we know, and like to share,

Brandon Tasker

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