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Hill Helicopter’s HX50 a masterclass in design realization.

We know that our products are purpose-built to support modern automotive and conceptual design. We’re always thrilled to hear our customers share their stories of easier workflows, collaborative reviews, and high-quality visualizations. And, occasionally, we get to hear a story outside our usual world of automotive design, and it reminds us of why we do what we do.

Robin Oldroyd

VRED 2021.2 Update Release

The VRED 2021.2 release focused heavily on addressing issues and enhancements to existing functionality. These enhancements included updates to the Python API, a new UV Editor projection mode, an updated SDK for OpenVR and Oculus, among other miscellaneous updates.

This release offers a total of 4 new features,


Varjo, KIA, NVIDIA and Autodesk are merging digital and physical worlds for automotive design

We’re excited to announce the outcome of our collaboration with Varjo, Kia, Nvidia and Autodesk – the integration of Autodesk VRED and the VARJO XR-1 Developer Edition. This is a first step towards merging the best of the virtual and the real world by combining VRED’s rendering prowess with Varjo’s high-resolution XR technology.

Lukas Faeth

Sub D Modeling in Alias

When we introduced Subdivision modeling in Alias 2020, we knew it would change how designers and design teams work. And over the last couple of years, we have added to this functionality, providing more tools for SubD modeling, and expanding what it can do for design and modeling.


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