Interoperability workflow between Forma and Revit

Cesar Escalante
Cesar Escalante May 8, 2023 1 min read

Forma and Autodesk AEC Collection subscribers can benefit from the interoperability feature between Forma and Revit. This add-in allows you to expedite the delivery of environmentally sound projects created in Forma using the powerful documentation features in Revit.

The Forma Add-in for Revit allows users to transfer a proposal from Forma into Revit through the “Send to Revit” feature to convert the proposal buildings, site limits, terrain, and buildable areas into editable Revit elements. Iterative design can then be carried out in Revit and transferred to Forma for further analysis.

To access the latest add-in version, users can access the three-dot menu of any proposal thumbnail and select “Download Revit add-in.”  Then, select a conceptual proposal to transfer using the “Send to Revit” feature. In Revit, users can find the Forma add-in under the Massing and Site tab, which allows filtering which elements will be brought into Revit and how they will be represented.

Once transferred, the Forma terrain is brought into Revit as a Toposolid, while property line boundaries are translated into model lines. The satellite imagery is applied to the Toposolid as a material displayed in rendered or realistic views. Generic Model families can be used to create unit volumes, context, and existing buildings, while Conceptual Mass elements can be used to create building envelopes. Buildings can be translated as walls, floors, and roofs, with adjacent walls merged into single elements. Each proposal unit can also have rooms created for it.

The Forma proposal’s origin aligns with the Project Base Point in Revit while keeping its Georeferenced coordinates. A proposal can be refreshed in Forma to include the updates made in Revit.

This interoperability enhancement facilitates an improved iterative design workflow, leading to better, efficient and environmentally sensitive projects.

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