Forma’s rapid wind analysis offers instant insights into wind conditions

Jesper Staahl Jesper Staahl June 6, 2023

1 min read

Analyzing wind conditions on your site are essential to avoid your buildings creating unwanted wind impacts, making outdoor spaces unpleasant and even hazardous for pedestrians and cyclists. Autodesk Forma’s rapid wind analysis makes this process even faster and more fluid.

Rapid wind predicts wind conditions instantaneously, giving you an immediate indication of how your building mass impacts wind conditions on your site. Getting this instant feedback, while you’re designing, allows you to make iterations faster and stay in a good design flow.

Using machine learning, this new easy-to-use tool complements our existing wind analysis that you’re already familiar with which gives exact results for verification.

You’ll find rapid wind alongside our other predictive analysis including rapid operational energy and noise. Like our other AI-powered functions within Forma, the analysis is designed to think along with our users and help them reach better outcomes faster.

For more information about the rapid wind analysis, please visit the Forma Help Center.

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