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There will be an important maintenance event for Plant Collaboration Services on Production servers on Oct. 12 (Saturday) which will affect:

  • Plant Collaboration Projects
  • Revit P&ID Modeler


When is this happening?

On Saturday, Oct. 12th, from 12:00 AM to 02:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time (UTC-7).

Please don’t work on your Plant Collaboration projects during this time.


Who will be affected?

Everyone using Plant Collaboration Services.

Plant Collaboration Services will be inaccessible, which affects all operations on Collaboration Projects via AutoCAD Plant 3D and Revit that require accessing Plant Collaboration Services.


What is happening and why?

This is to update the hardware configurations the Plant Collaboration Services for better capacity.


To determine the version of a Plant 3D / P&ID project, just open the project.xml file and check the <ProjectVersion>…</ProjectVersion> Tag. Instead of … you will find one of the following:

projectversion xml created by Plant or P&ID version
92 2018 or 2019 or 2020
91 2017
9 2016
8 2015
7 2014
6 2013
5 2012
4 2011
3 2010
2 2009
1 2008

Wow. I just have announced the updates for 2019 and 2020 in this blog and now there is another one: Plant 3D Update 2018.2. You can reach either by your Autodesk Desktop App or via Autodesk Account.

And here are some information about this Update.

So, it is really worth to install it. 🙂


Good news. 🙂 Autodesk Plant Support has started a new Plant 3D Video Blog Series which are now available on YouTube.

See this link to get more information about this series.

And here is the playlist of this series. Currently there are two uploaded videos: one which explains a bit the purpose of this video blog series and the other one is a general introduction for AutoCAD Plant 3D.

This playlist will be updated on a monthly base.

The updates 2020.1 and 2019.2 are published. Reach out for them either via your Autodesk Desktop App or in Autodesk Account.

See here the release notes:

For the update 2020.1 there is no need this time to install the plain AutoCAD Update 2020.1. It is already included in the Plant Update.

Note that there is a new command available for Collaboration projects now which is PLANTAUDITDATABASE” to make it possible for project administrators for auditing a project database in the Cloud.


AutoCAD Plant 3D and AutoCAD P&ID users please refer this article that contains information regarding Autodesk Identity Services moving to TLS 1.2 on August 3.

Transport Layer Security (TLS): Updates Required to Maintain Software Access

This applies to  single-user subscribers using certain version of AutoCAD Plant 3D and AutoCAD P&ID listed below; customers using software or versions not listed and customers using perpetual or multi-user (network) licenses will not be affected.

AutoCAD P&ID 2014, 2015, 2016

AutoCAD Plant 3D 2014, 2015, 2016




Although most of you are familiar with AutoCAD Plant 3D Isometric styles, within those styles is another level of organization called “themes” that may not be obvious as to their purpose.  I recorded this short video to explain how themes work within an isometric style, and show how to create your own theme, enjoy!

Caution: Even though AutoCAD Plant 3D Project Setup allows you the ability to customize quite a bit in the software, there are times when a setting must be directly modified in one of the project files (as shown in the video above).  Whenever you find that you need to resort to manually editing files you should follow good housekeeping practices:

  • Make a backup of the file(s) before performing any edits,
  • Only change one variable/section at a time and then test to validate your changes,
  • Document your changes using comments within the file.

It is always the best to have all updates installed. So, you will have the best guaranty that all available fixes are installed or that you will have access to all new features for that version. But what for updates are available for which version of AutoCAD Plant 3D? Note that you have to install plain AutoCAD Updates separately. They are not included anymore in AutoCAD Plant 3D updates since some years.

Blog “What version is it anyway?”

One more note about the updates. While the plain AutoCAD updates are cumulative, the Plant updates aren’t. This means that for plain AutoCAD it is already enough to install the latest update only but for Plant updates you have to install the former updates of the specific version before. Thumb rule for Plant updates: Install the updates in the order of the publish date (oldest one first).

So, here is the list:

AutoCAD Plant 3D 2016:

  • AutoCAD Plant 3D: Extension 1 SP2
    • Update Path: Extension 1 > SP2
  • AutoCAD: SP1

AutoCAD Plant 3D 2017:

  • AutoCAD Plant 3D: Update 2017.1.1
    • Update Path: 2017.1 > 2017.1.1
  • AutoCAD: Update 2017.1.2

AutoCAD Plant 3D 2018:

  • AutoCAD Plant 3D: Update 2018.2
    • Update Path: 2018.1.1 > 2018.1.2 > 2018.2
  • AutoCAD: Update 2018.1.2

AutoCAD Plant 3D 2019:

  • AutoCAD Plant 3D: Update 2019.2
  • AutoCAD: Update 2019.1.2

AutoCAD Plant 3D 2020:

  • AutoCAD Plant 3D: Update 2020.1
  • AutoCAD: (Update 2020.1)
    • Note that this update is an exception. You don’t have to install it separately as it is already included in the AutoCAD Plant 3D Update 2020.1

You can either get the updates via your Autodesk Account, section “Product Updates”. Alternatively, if you have a desktop subscription, you can use the Autodesk Desktop App to be up to date with your updates.

Since 2017 the Enterprise Specialists have been running a monthly virtual community meet-up for Enterprise customers. Unfortunately if you were not an enterprise customer you would have been blocked from registering or accessing the resources page.

Well no longer.

The Plant 3D Virtual User Community meetup is now open to everyone!

We also have a new registration page –

You can still find it in the Customer Success hub Events calendar if that is your preference.

We also have a new page for resources –

This page is not restricted to only Enterprise customers. The old page now called Plant 3D Virtual Community Meetup resources – Archive will still be available for now, but only for Enterprise customers.

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