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Earlier today, many of Autodesk’s cloud services were unavailable for several hours because of a major outage with one of our web service providers.  While we are happy to report that all our cloud services as well as those from many other impacted companies are once again fully functional, we sincerely regret the significant inconvenience and frustration that resulted from this incident.  We recognize the trust that our customers place in Autodesk to deliver reliable and dependable products, and are working with our web service providers to prevent similar incidents in the future.  We thank you for your patience and encourage any customers with concerns to contact Autodesk Customer Support.

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    These outages are NOT ACCEPTABLE! I’ve lost faith in the dependability of B360 and the Revit collaboration. It’s a great tool, but if the service keeps going down during normal work hours, I cannot rely on it.

    1. AvatarAutodesk (Post author)

      We share your frustration about the outage. This was entirely out of our control, but we’re working to add more redundancy and to build stronger infrastructure to avoid future outages.


    the web site don’t even let me sign in yet. I’ve been
    trying for hours.

    1. AvatarAutodesk (Post author)

      We’re very sorry for the inconvenience, Astrid. If you’re still unable to sign in, please contact Autodesk Customer Support.