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Looking to get to #AU2018 but don’t have the cash? The #AUDesignChallenge has you covered. If you missed it, here is a link to the previous blog post describing all the details on how you can get to #AU2018. Don’t have time to read the whole post? Here is the short version: make a sweet looking piece of flat-pack furniture out of ¾ plywood without any fasteners. You can use dowels and pegs but no nails or screws. And the cooler the joint the better, think dovetail and T-bridle joints.

Not feeling creative? Maybe these ideas will inspire you: chairs, tables, desks, sideboards, coffee tables, loungers, credenza, bench, nightstands, hutches… or check out Instructables for joint ideas and some flat pack ideas.

Here is a short video showing a few tips to get you going with your #AUDesignChallenge entry.  Good luck, and see you at #AU2018!


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Luke Mihelcic


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