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    Autodesk has been releasing a lot of professions and skill-based content recently. This approach reflects the fact that our customers often use multiple products to achieve their desired outcomes. In the customer success organization, we started building outcome-focused content and services to support the typical industry workflows. As a part of this development, some colleagues […]

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    On the Inventor team, we often get asked about how users can offer suggestions, make functionality requests, or just provide general feedback on what they need from Inventor. We post a lot about what is going on with Inventor. Updates and enhancements we have released, new functionality we have developed, some information about what we […]

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    What’s New in Inventor 2021 The end of March is an exciting time of year for the Inventor team as we get ready to deliver a new release of Inventor for our users. We are also very aware of the current situation regarding COVID-19 and the serious impact it may be having on you, your […]

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    Inventor 2020.2 Update On November 14th, the Inventor 2020.2 update was available. This update focused on delivering on user requests. All in all, over 15 user-driven enhancements were implemented with this update. Here are a few highlights: Part Modeling Based on your feedback, we continue to add functionality to the Hole Command. This update includes […]