Autodesk Inventor 2023 Year In Review

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This year marks the 24th anniversary of Autodesk Inventor!  After 24 years, the development team hasn’t slowed down a bit. They released three major updates that included 142 enhancements based on your feedback.  Thank you for your effort and contributions to helping to make Inventor the best it can be for your most important design work.  We received 4,500 votes to drive the focused areas for each release.  Your votes play a significant role, not only in each enhancement but also in maintaining the highest level of stability so you can focus on your designs without disruption.


Our strive for industry-leading performance remains top of mind for the seventh straight year.  We know this continues to be an important value for those who work on large, complex 3D models and 2D drawings. This year, we focused on graphics, interoperability, and patterning improvements.

Inventor 2024 Feature Highlights

Let’s look at some notable enhancements you saw this year. To see a complete list of enhancements, visit the online help guide or watch our video demonstrations on YouTube.

New Finish feature

The new Finish feature that was introduced in the spring was a huge hit and received much attention.  This enables you to not only specify the appearance of your parts but also the manufacturing process, such as material coating or surface finish.

Mark feature enhancements

Like many of the new features in Inventor, the mark feature has continued to see enhancements since its introduction in Inventor 2023.  You can now use non-coplanar sketches to define the mark sketch geometry and wrap or project the sketch to a non-planar face.

Maintaining global standards compliance

3D weld symbols are now available in parts and assembly documents, helping you to further define your documentation at the 3D level.  Like other 3D annotations, your weld symbols can be retrieved in your 2D drawing views.  They are also supported in 3D PDF, DWF, and Shared Views for better collaboration.

Over the past few years, we have continued to maintain global standards compliance for model-based definition and 2D documentation. Our goal is to reduce manual effort while satisfying standards.

These were only a few of the 142 enhancements added to Inventor 2024. We’re already working on video demonstrations for the amazing new enhancements for Inventor 2025! Stay tuned for what’s coming at the end of March next year.

Reflecting on customer successes in 2023

Engineered Arts

We had a great opportunity to meet with the team at Engineered Arts this year. They are the leading designer and manufacturer of humanoid entertainment robots in the UK, specializing in developing a wide range of robotic devices that bring historical figures, contemporary celebrities, and even fictional creatures to life. The company’s design and engineering teams rely heavily on Autodesk Inventor in their work, which blends artistic rendering, mechanical engineering, and robotic innovation to create one-of-a-kind experiences that captivate audiences at museums, science centers, theme parks, and special events.

See the full written story here.


For many years, GEA has realized the benefits of investing in design automation strategies with iLogic. Recently, this year, we had an in-depth conversation with Lune Riezebos, Application Specialist in Service Delivery, regarding their factory design process. Through the use of Factory Design Utilities in Inventor and AutoCAD, they reduced the creation of their systems from 3 to 4 weeks down to 2 hours.

See the full written story here.

AU Design and Make Conference 2023

The AU Design and Make Conference was back in Las Vegas this year. There were more in attendance than ever at over 12,000. Online attendance also grew significantly as 210,000 viewers tuned in to watch Andrew Anagnost as he encouraged the use of AI to unlock powerful new ways of working. We also had 39 classes, hands-on labs, and industry talks for Inventor this year! They are all available on demand for free at the Autodesk University website.

Looking forward to a bright 2024

Thank you to our wonderful community of Inventor users who influence the future of how your products get designed and manufactured successfully. Continue to communicate your ideas to us and to the rest of the user community. We look forward to 2024 as we collaborate with you to tackle your biggest challenges.

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