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Things are going to be a little bit different this year. Instead of our flagship AU in Las Vegas, with local AU’s around the world – we will be holding one big Virtual AU during the week of November 17th.

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BP&F (Building Products & Fabrication) Classes

The building industry is undergoing a dramatic digital transformation. Companies making products and solutions for buildings need new tools and working methods to stay competitive.

With increasing project complexity comes the opportunity to offer more value—and in turn, take a more important seat at the AEC table. But to get there, you will need to revisit old imperatives of agility and collaboration with a fresh perspective.

Here are two great classes to help you kick start your workflow transformation.

Anybody Can Do IT: Easily Build Revit Content in Inventor

Let start with Wednesday, November18 at 18:30 (UTC);
In Pete Strycharske’s class, you will learn how you can create BIM data – ready to use in Revit – from within Inventor.

Here’s a short summary:
There is an increasing desire to build custom designs that can more easily convert from traditional mechanical and industrial CAD tools into BIM (Building Information Modeling)-ready content that can be utilized inside of Revit software. Inventor software has the capability to generate Revit-ready content, but often this requires specialized knowledge of the process. What if things didn’t have to be this way? What if any CAD designer could quickly assemble components with BIM-enabled features, easily compile multiple components into one compiled model, and populate BIM connectors for final insertion into Revit with a click of a button? Doesn’t that sound amazing? The workflow in this class will utilize everyday Inventor techniques to set the stage for powerful iLogic capabilities to enable virtually any designer to configure Inventor models into Revit-ready content.

Class ID: FAB466294 (enter speaker card image here)

Revit to Inventor: BIM Exchange for Custom Fabrication Hands-On Lab

Then, on Thursday, November19 at 16:30 (UTC);
Paul Munford is doing a hands-on lab to showcase the other side of BIM exchange – from Revit to Inventor – especially targeted to our customers that do custom fabrication.

Here’s a short summary of the hands-on:
This lab will provide an opportunity for customers to get hands on with the new ‘Revit AnyCAD’ functionality in Inventor 2021 software. We will cover some of the theory of why BIM (Building Information Modeling) is important to building product manufacturers and custom fabricators, and level set on our existing BIM exchange tools. We will then work our way through a four-part example use case for referencing Revit data. We will cover some basic cleanup of the model in Revit software, test what we can do with the data in Inventor, marvel as changes made to the Revit model update inside of Inventor, and round-trip the Inventor model back into Revit.

CLASS ID: FAB463426 (enter speaker card image here)

Enjoy Autodesk University 2020

I hope that you find these recommendations useful, and that you can learn and stretch your abilities at AU Virtual 2020.

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