Inventor 101: Sheet Metal Basics

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Designing parts out of solid metal block stock is useful and all, but every good design engineer isn’t limited to just those materials. A variety of modern parts are designed and constructed using sheet metal – and chances are you’ll be designing a part out of sheet metal at some point, too.

Autodesk Inventor now has integrated sheet metal tools that make it easier to design with sheet metal. In this Inventor 101 video, we’ll take you through all of the sheet metal design basics you’ll need to know to get started with this type of material.

Trevor English

Trevor is a civil engineer (B.S.) who has made a career out of engineering and technical communication. His work has appeared on Curiosity, BBC, Interesting Engineering and other sites across the web. Originally the Chief editor for Interesting Engineering back in 2016, he now works with software & tech companies, aiding them in content marketing and technical communication. Currently living in Texas, he’s also a published children’s book author and producer for the YouTube channel Concerning Reality.

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