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For all you seasoned Autodesk Inventor users out there, you likely already know how much time you can save by using shortcuts. For others that are just learning, shortcuts are a good way to move faster in your design process and also give you fewer things to remember. We have put together some of the most useful and popular shortcuts within Inventor below.

By no means is the list complete, so if you want to add your favorite and help our a user who may not know, comment below to let us know!

Navigating Models Shortcuts

F2 – Pan

F3 – Zoom

F4 – Orbit

F5 – Zoom Previous

F6 – Home View

One-Key Shortcuts

One key shortcuts just make everything easier, so here’s a quick guide you can print out and put by your computer to help!

Quick Assembly Shortcuts

G – Rotate

V – Move

P – Place

C – Constrain

Tab – Demote

Modifying Parts Shortcuts

CTRL + SHIFT + K – Chamfer / Activates the Chamfer tool

CTRL + SHIFT + L – Loft / Activates the Loft Tool

CTRL + SHIFT + M – Mirror / Activates the Mirror Tool

Dimensioning Shortcuts

BD – Baseline Dimension

BN – Bend Notes

CN – Chamfer Note

D – General dimension

HN – Hole/Thread Notes

O – Ordinate Dimension Set

OD – Ordinate Dimension

PN – Punch Notes

Be sure to post your favorite/most used shortcuts below so we can add to this list! 

If you want to learn more about shortcuts not covered here, you can follow this link here.

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