New Technologies Transform What is Possible with #WeMake


Autodesk manufacturing has adopted a new mantra, one representative of you as the customer and us as your partner.

That new mantra is We Make.

This idea symbolizes what Autodesk manufacturing solutions are, the means by which we can revolutionize the world through design, manufacturing, engineering, and technology. It’s important to note that this campaign isn’t just founded on messaging alone, it is based in the realities of customer’s successes, their stories, and the means by which they have succeeded in the industry. Take a look at the trailer for the We Make project below.

Precise, Dependable, Lightweight, On-Demand, Efficient

These categories, or rather attributes, of design are what we all strive for as engineers and designers. If we could make parts with the above traits each and every time without fail, then nothing but success awaits us. That said, reaching these qualities of engineering and design aren’t easy, as each and every one of you likely knows well.

Precision means hours spent achieving perfect CAD to CAM functionality. Dependability means thinking about every possible failure point in a product and future-proofing. Lightweight-ing means you need to know where and how to take seemingly vital structural components out of your design. On-demand can mean rapid iteration and rework. Efficiency means that all these other tasks need to be done with speed, without fail.

All of these traits stand to define your success as an engineer. If you achieve them, then you’ve succeeded in the design process.

#WeMake at #AU2019

Here at Autodesk University 2019, there’s an entire section of the event center designated to this concept. The product design and manufacturing team has spent the first few dats getting to hear incredible stories from customers about what they make, how Autodesk has helped the, do it, and we’ve gotten to hear great suggestions about what we can do better. At the end of the day, We Make means that each and every one of us has to put in the work.

If you’re lucky enough to be at AU 2019, be sure to stop by the We Make booth, get your free t-shirt, and talk to other customers and professionals here too.

If you want to learn more about the #WeMake campaign, check out the campaign hub here.

Trevor English

Trevor is a civil engineer (B.S.) who has made a career out of engineering and technical communication. His work has appeared on Curiosity, BBC, Interesting Engineering and other sites across the web. Originally the Chief editor for Interesting Engineering back in 2016, he now works with software & tech companies, aiding them in content marketing and technical communication. Currently living in Texas, he’s also a published children’s book author and producer for the YouTube channel Concerning Reality.

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