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Last year we celebrated 20 years of customer-driven enhancements that you played a significant role in the development of Inventor.  Many of you reading this have been modeling in Inventor since the beginning!  One of my favorite roles over the past 20 years is working with designers to discover and implement some of the new tools and enhancements that have been added over the years to build efficiency and promote innovation in design work.  I love this because it’s an opportunity for me to know the types of enhancements that have a direct impact and help you daily.

We know that some of you have the same excitement about the products that you design and make.  You have dedicated years and, in some cases, decades to the development of your products.  Your stories inspire other designers, and they are looking to connect with you.  We know this because we have worked with great engineers who are passionate about the products they make, to create a story for them and their company.

In this article, I’m going to leave you with a few examples of companies we have visited and the resources that you should consider if you are interested in telling your story.

Can Lines Engineering(Video)

FS Elliott (Video)

Firefly Space Systems (Video)

SAFE Boats International (Video)

Pacific Northern (Video)

Radical Transport (Video)

Claudius Peters (Written story)

If you watched or read one or two of those examples, what did you think?  If you are interested in learning more about our customer story program and if it’s a fit for your company, then you can reach out to us directly via e-mail at or visit to learn more.  We are looking forward to hearing from you!


Jim Byrne joined Autodesk in 2013 on the design and manufacturing marketing team. Prior to joining Autodesk, Jim worked at a local reseller for 14 years selling and supporting CAD, Simulation, and data management solutions. He also has three years of experience in the industry as a machine designer.


Jim Byrne

Jim is dedicated to the success of our customers who use our technology to design, validate, and manage their intellectual property. He has over 20 years of experience demonstrating and implementing software solutions.

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