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It’s funny how ‘trending’ is directly associated with social media nowadays, but let me tell you what else is trending: Manufacturing. Think about it. In the last 30 years, we went from 2D drafting to 3D modeling to simulation, to subtracting manufacturing, to additive manufacturing, to VR, and all the other trends that we adopted and are using every day. Manufacturing is much en vogue that AEC wants to mimic our robust and proven ways to bring a product/project to life. How about that!

If you are serious and passionate about what you are doing/creating, and about how you are doing it, by now, you know that Autodesk University is the place to be to learn about the trends and what is coming.
Autodesk is a pioneer, and we want to share our vision, and what we are foreseeing so you can be better equip and ready for what’s next for you and the industry.

Product Design and Manufacturing Keynote

Product complexity is rising, but the business of developing and delivering new products is also increasing across multiple dimensions.
The customer needs/requirements are changing more rapidly, and the demands are increasing significantly.
Manufacturing products have also gotten more dynamic. A vast majority of manufacturers are experiencing more frequent supply chain/manufacturing partners changes.
Each of these is challenging, but it’s essential to recognize these challenges are happening at the same time – and the cumulative increase in complexity is enormous.

The Product Design and Manufacturing Keynote is the perfect place to be to experience the future of making.

For example, during Autodesk University 2017, Stephen Hooper was stating that « … we don’t believe you can separate design from manufacturing. The two are intrinsically linked… » while exposing how the Digital Engineering department can leverage the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection to extend their digital assets across the rest of their organization.
As an example, companies deploying non-linear simulation studies to analyze the operational performance of their products.

During that same presentation, Fusion 360 and Inventor interoperability – using AnyCAD – was discussed as well as how Vault could be used to manage data for both.

Click the image to access the recording

Another gem happened, last year, during the Product Design and Manufacturing Keynote at AU2018 when Thomas Nagel – Chief Digital Officer at Claudius Peters (100-year-old equipment manufacturer serving the cement industry) – showcasing their use of AutoCAD, Inventor, BIM 360,  but more importantly how they are experimenting with Generative Design. Thomas was introduced to the technology the year before (Au2017) and immediately started testing the technology.
To their surprise, and after some modification in Inventor, the alien part behave even better after FEA analysis.

« The electric light was not an improvement of the candle. We have to do things completely different than before to make a real change. »

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AU is the place to be… or to watch

And I am sure you came up with that conclusion too.

Autodesk University is the perfect setting to learn from industry experts – Design & Manufacturing,  Architecture, Engineering and Construction, and Multimedia & Entertainment – with 700+ specialized courses, industry talks, and meetups. Learn about leading-edge technology and get ahead of the curve, with direct access to the latest technology and trends that you can take back to the office. Finally, you will find everything you need to improve the efficiency of your workflows.

If you can’t make it to AU this year – make sure it’S in the plans for 2020 – you can watch some of the sessions through the live stream. It’s simple; you have a choice of keynotes, technical classes, and short talks. Add it to your calendar as a reminder, et voilà!

Bottom line: your boss wants results. AU provides the knowledge and skills to help you perform better and faster.

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Written by:

Marc B. Sauro

Product Marketing Manager

Marc joined Autodesk in 2014 as a Design & Manufacturing Technical Specialist. Recently he joined the Product Marketing team. He is responsible for product marketing for the design and manufacturing software that makes up the Product Design and Manufacturing Collection but, more specifically, the collaborative tools (i.e., Vault and Fusion Lifecycle).

Before that, Marc spent nine years at one of the largest SolidWorks VAR in Canada and one of the largest in the Northeast region. This experience has built a solid foundation for his understanding of sales and business development strategies.

Also, Marc worked in the Automotive Industry as a Project and CAD Manager where he gained an in-depth understanding and appreciation of the R&D and manufacturing process.

You can find Marc on Instagram, Twitter, Medium (@marcbsauro), and LinkedIn.

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