Construction’s Future Innovators Win Academic Support

Autodesk Education Autodesk Education November 16, 2022

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In response to the Make It Modular scholarship award contest, student innovators applied design thinking skills and an engineering mindset in addressing issues like affordable housing, healthier learning environments, and Covid-era community spaces.

For the construction industry to meet the vital needs of the next few decades, it will have to match speedy and reliable building with unprecedented sustainability requirements. And its success will rely upon a new generation of motivated professionals bringing new ideas and innovations to the fore.  

Autodesk’s Make It Real program supports those young people in applying design to solve problems in the built environment. “The Next Generation in Construction” spotlights six recent winners of the Make It Modular scholarship and the Building Changemakers microgrant programs. Both programs reward students entering the AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) industry who have demonstrated promise in solving the problems that construction faces in the twenty-first century.  

Some of these students created plans to repurpose shipping containers for outdoor classrooms, low-cost housing, and multi-purpose community spaces, while others have plans to help make the construction trades more diverse and inviting to new people and ready to meet the challenges ahead. Read all about these young industry innovators’ ideas on Autodesk’s Digital Builder blog.