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  • Snapshot of an Innovator: Julio Garcia and the Amazing Cereal Dispenser

    Career Readiness 3 min read
    Fusion 360 3d model of a cereal dispenser designed by Julio Garcia
  • Blind Students Learn CNC Machining at Davis Tech

    Career Readiness 1 min read
    Visually impaired CNC student at Davis Tech
  • Make Your Advanced CAM Experience Official with Fusion 360 Certifications

    Career Readiness 1 min read
    Working in the CNC Machine Shop at the Autodesk San Francisco Technology Center. Joseph Jastreboski using Fusion 360 to prepare his milling project on the Matsura MX-330 machine.
  • Cycling and Academia Team Up to Explore Thousands of Design Solutions for Swingarm

    Industry Collaboration 4 min read
    Swing arm
  • Transcending Tradition at the Bechtel Innovation Design Center

    Academic Leaders 5 min read
    Matthew Swabey
  • Five Benefits of Aligning with an Autodesk Learning Partner

    Career Readiness 3 min read
    Fusion 360 workshop