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  • Blind Students Learn CNC Machining at Davis Tech

    Academic Leaders 1 min read
    Visually impaired CNC student at Davis Tech
  • Danville Community College: How a Two-Year College is Altering the Face of Manufacturing

    Academic Leaders 4 min read
    Three students from Danville Community College posing for Project MFG
  • When Life Gives You Lemons: The Sudden Transition to Distance Learning

    Academic Leaders 4 min read
  • Introducing the Autodesk Industrialized Construction (IC) Curriculum

    Career Readiness 1 min read
  • How UTCs are Transforming STEM-Based Education in the UK

    Career Readiness 1 min read
    UTC Robotics
  • Reimagining Manufacturing Education to Close the Skills Gap

    Career Readiness 1 min read
    Photo of Tim Paul
  • How Bay-Area Senior Citizens Preserve Culture Through Teaching 3D Design

    Industry Collaboration 1 min read
    Grant Eshima Program Specialist at Kimochi, children, and senior collaborate in Tinkercad
  • Cycling and Academia Team Up to Explore Thousands of Design Solutions for Swingarm

    Industry Collaboration 4 min read
    Swing arm
  • A Circular Design Scholarship Contest Gets an Assist from a Former NFL Star

    Career Readiness 3 min read
  • How a Top Educator in Singapore Motivates Students Through Small Successes

    Academic Leaders 1 min read
    ITE President Award
  • Opening doors to advanced manufacturing jobs through certification

    Career Readiness 1 min read