Category: Industry Collaboration

  • Bogi Lateiner standing in front of the Iron Maven car at SEMA

    Wrenching for Empowerment: The All-Female Girl Gang Garage Builds Cars, Confidence, and Community

    At a busy autoshop in Phoenix, Arizona, feverish work on a vintage car re-build presses on ahead of a deadline for a large automotive convention. Engine work, welding, grinding, painting, and polishing are all part of this large collaborative effort that has taken many months to transform a more than 60-year-old husk into a modern […]

  • PhD Candidate Creates Patient-Specific Knee Surgery Plates with Generative Design

    For several decades, people diagnosed with osteoarthritis in a knee would be offered a total knee replacement surgery. Today however, some patients have the option of knee realignment through a High Tibial Osteotomy (HTO), which preserves the native joint by offloading the diseased part and stabilizing it with a titanium fixation plate. Currently, most commercial […]

  • From Drawing to Drone: Students at RWTH Aachen Gear Up for Industry 4.0

    Imagine attending a university workgroup where at the end of every project, an airplane will be launched—where students come together to develop unmanned, partly autonomous aircrafts and participate in competitions around the world? Students in the Aachen Drone Development Initiative (ADDI) at RWTH Aachen University in Germany have made this a reality. Founded in 2018, […]

  • Working Together to Shape the Future of Manufacturing Workflows

    Lawrence Equipment, a manufacturer of flat bread machinery in El Monte, CA, have created a successful business since their founding in 1980—but they also knew that a lot has changed. To stay in front of the advancements quickly transforming workflows in the manufacturing industry, they also have eyes on their future workforce. To this end, […]

  • How Academia and Industry Converge to Support Future Careers

    Ready or not, the future is barreling forward and technological advancements are transforming the skillsets students will need to progress their careers. Educators play an important role in teaching both the fundamental building blocks and forward-thinking concepts that will prepare students for the future. This means staying on top of where industry is headed and […]

  • TUM Boring

    Not-a-Boring Competition Winner TUM Boring

    When Elon Musk tweets about traffic inefficiencies, people listen—including a team of 60 highly motivated students from the Technical University of Munich (TUM). Their team, called TUM Boring, are creating the world’s fastest tunnel boring machine, a step toward disrupting the future of transportation. Founded in 2016 by Elon Musk, The Boring Company’s mission is […]

  • Grant Eshima Program Specialist at Kimochi, children, and senior collaborate in Tinkercad

    How Bay-Area Senior Citizens Preserve Culture Through Teaching 3D Design

    Bay-Area nonprofit Kimochi created a program to connect seniors with children in the community using technology as a common ground. The program teaches seniors the useful skills of 3D design and printing, which they impart to the kids. 

  • Swing arm

    Cycling and Academia Team Up to Explore Thousands of Design Solutions for Swingarm

    University of Bristol engineering student combines his love of mountain biking with a curiosity about generative design to offer A.I.-powered solutions to a cycling company in the UK.  The story begins with a fortuitous meeting in a garden shed over a cup of tea. Engineering student Ben Boxer contacted Joe McEwan—an accomplished engineer who was in the process of turning his hobby of designing […]