• Manufacturing and Construction

    Closing the Manufacturing and Construction Skills Gap

    Identifying Skill Gaps Digitization in manufacturing and construction, along with an aging cohort that will soon retire, has resulted in a decades-long shortage of skilled workers in these industries. An estimated 4.6 million manufacturing jobs will need to be filled in the next decade—the manufacturing and construction skills gap could leave 2.4 million positions unfilled […]

  • Fusion 360 Educator Forum

    Join your peers on the Fusion 360 Educator Forum

    Managing your Fusion 360 projects has never been easier Autodesk is pleased to announce another addition to our offerings for Autodesk® Fusion 360® education community: the Fusion 360 Educator Forum. Since its launch, Fusion 360 has seen tremendous growth in the education community; now we are launching this forum to bring educators together. This forum […]

  • A Class Project Straight from the Heart

    When you think back to the classroom Valentine’s Day parties of your childhood, do images of those iconic candy conversation hearts come to mind? Maybe you hoped that the one your crush gave you was a subtle hint at their deeper feelings (UR CUTE, swoon). Though your students are too old for card exchange parties, […]

  • Artifical Intelligence

    How Design Can Use AI to Support Sustainability

    Design has its share of innovative technologies to address sustainability issues, including artificial intelligence (AI), which can help determine how to build (and re-build) structures to last longer and use minimal energy. Autodesk is leading the way in AI technologies, partnering with academia to ensure the next generation of designers and engineers are more informed […]

  • Autodesk Industrialized Construction (IC) Curriculum

    What is Industrialized Construction? Amid a booming global population, rapid urbanization, finite natural resources, and the reality of climate change, the current built environment is neither scalable nor sustainable to meet the global demand for buildings and infrastructure. To mitigate these issues, architects, engineers, contractors, and owners have started a movement to embrace industrialized construction (IC), which […]

  • UTC Robotics

    University Technical Colleges (UTCs) and STEM-Based Education in the UK

    What are University Technical Colleges (UTCs)? In 2009, University Technical Colleges (UTCs) were established in the United Kingdom as STEM-focused, government-funded institutions advocating for a new approach to education. Their mission? To help students move beyond linearity into a more dynamic, do-it-yourself learning environment that focuses on the application (versus the theory) of skills. University […]

  • Reimagining Manufacturing Education to Close the Skills Gap

    As an Education Fusion 360 Technical Program Manager and trained machinist, Tim Paul knows a thing or two about how the current student experience may play out for the future of manufacturing. He argues that manufacturing education is due for a major overhaul for students to tackle the growing skills gap as Industry 4.0 becomes […]

  • Managing Your Fusion 360 Projects Has Never Been Easier

    We’ve received such a positive response to the new Folder Permissions & Roles functionality in Fusion 360. Educators love how it helps them easily manage and control student access to folders, files, versions, and markups. They can now create read-only folders for assignment, starter, and template files. Education accounts were notified in Fusion 360 about […]

  • From Drawing to Drone: Students at RWTH Aachen Gear Up for Industry 4.0

    Imagine attending a university workgroup where at the end of every project, an airplane will be launched—where students come together to develop unmanned, partly autonomous aircrafts and participate in competitions around the world? Students in the Aachen Drone Development Initiative (ADDI) at RWTH Aachen University in Germany have made this a reality. Founded in 2018, […]

  • Autodesk & Smithsonian Arts & Industries FUTURES Exhibit

    What is the Smithsonian FUTURES exhibit? Built in 1881, the Smithsonian Arts and Industries Building (AIB) was the United States’ first national museum, containing relics from across the country. After a nearly two-decade period of dormancy, AIB has recently reopened its doors, breathing new life into the building. As part of the Smithsonian’s 175th anniversary […]