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  • Classical and Irish flute headjoint and embouchure experiments, designed in Fusion 360.

    Scholars Replicate Indigenous Flutes with 3D Printing

    The repatriation of Native American artifacts from museums back to their tribes of origin has been a hot-button topic as of late, particularly how long the process has often taken since the Native American Protection and Repatriation Act became US law in 1990. Yet even when repatriation does happen, the artifacts can be in poor […]

  • Students model their bracelet designs

    Diamond in the Rough: Helping Students Discover their Potential as Jewelry Designers

    While exams, research papers, and group projects are an important part of the learning process, these evaluations typically don’t hold much weight outside of the classroom. What if instead, a student project could translate to real-world job experience?   For students studying Textiles and Apparel at University of Texas (UT) Austin, their group project isn’t just […]

  • In Nigeria, a Nonprofit Teams with Engineering Students for Gas Safety

    Gas leakage explosions have become a concern in Nigeria, causing increasing fire outbreaks in local communities. To save lives and prevent property damage, the Youth for Technology Foundation (YTF) training program is addressing this issue under the 3D Africa program—a prototyping and engineering program within YTF that uses emerging technology like 3D printing to educate […]

  • Pencil grips from student at Waterloo Central School District

    How the make:able Challenge Enables Accessibility with Empathetic Design

    National STEM Day is just around the corner, offering the perfect opportunity to reflect on the ways STEM education prepares students, imparting the skills they’ll need to imagine and create a better world. Technological advancements are accelerating change across industries and a STEM-focused curriculum supports students to get ahead of these shifts, not just keep […]

  • Engineering student working with 3D printer

    High School Class Saves District $1 Million using Fusion 360 and 3D Printing

    What do you get when you put educators, student engineers, and an HVAC system together? Up to $1 million in savings. This is what the school district in Beaverton, Oregon estimates they will save after engineering students at Sunset High School found a solution to an ongoing issue with their aging HVAC systems. Volume modular […]

  • Grant Eshima Program Specialist at Kimochi, children, and senior collaborate in Tinkercad

    How Bay-Area Senior Citizens Preserve Culture Through Teaching 3D Design

    Bay-Area nonprofit Kimochi created a program to connect seniors with children in the community using technology as a common ground. The program teaches seniors the useful skills of 3D design and printing, which they impart to the kids.