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  • Fusion 360 learning and certifications

    Summer won’t put the brakes on Fusion 360 learning and certifications

    When the school term gives way to summer, educators and students won’t need to put the learning aside. There are a wealth of opportunities for students to sharpen their Fusion 360 skills, and for educators to brush up on Fusion 360 learning tools and develop projects to share in the classroom when the fall term […]

  • Learning Robotics in Japan with the FIRST Competition

    At the Chiba Institute of Technology in Japan, about 30 teenagers from schools in the Tokyo, Saitama, and Chiba prefectures gather every winter and early spring to learn robotics and build a robot—and not your everyday robot. The students are members of SAKURA Tempesta, a robotics team that’s competed in the worldwide FIRST Robotics Competition […]

  • BattleBots

    Glitch and the BattleBots Las Vegas Competition

    Over the past two pandemic years, many students had to start college virtually—not the ideal entry point for most. In the fall of 2020, and Katherine How entered the University of California, Berkeley, mid-pandemic, and had to figure out how to connect to her new school and classmates from her home in Canada. The story […]

  • Survivor Made

    Bringing Additive Manufacturing to Marginalized Communities in Rural Kentucky

    Somerset Community College (SCC) is uplifting its local community in rural Kentucky, empowering women in the workforce and creating opportunities for marginalized groups. SCC is pushing the boundaries of what a technical education could look like, broadening its impact by bringing additive manufacturing to everyone regardless of their gender, socioeconomic positioning, or background. This year, […]

  • Phil Kopsaftis in front of self-repaired amplifiers and synthesizers.

    One Student’s Path From Work to School and Back Again

    Transitioning from the safe cocoon of academia to the wide-open plains of professional life can intimidate anyone. With industries and skillsets transforming quickly with Industry 4.0, the journey can feel foggy and it’s easy to get lost in the grind of it all. But there are many ways to get from point A to point […]

  • ITE President Award

    How a Top Educator in Singapore Motivates Students Through Small Successes

    Jeff Koh Hock Tong struggled as a student, barely passing his classes and receiving low scores on exams. He was unmotivated, but also lacked a mentor who could give him the individual academic attention he needed. So, thinking school just wasn’t for him, Koh started working part time while studying to retake his exams as […]

  • ASEE American Society for Engineering Education and Autodesk

    A Lesson-Plan Contest That Stokes Positive Social Change

    Gen Z is on track to become the most educated generation yet—many of whom are budding social entrepreneurs looking to solve problems in their communities. As an educator, tapping into this passion is a great way to get your students excited about using their engineering skills to bring about positive change in the world. To […]

  • Fusion 360 Educator Forum

    Join your peers on the Fusion 360 Educator Forum

    Managing your Fusion 360 projects has never been easier Autodesk is pleased to announce another addition to our offerings for Autodesk® Fusion 360® education community: the Fusion 360 Educator Forum. Since its launch, Fusion 360 has seen tremendous growth in the education community; now we are launching this forum to bring educators together. This forum […]

  • A Class Project Straight from the Heart

    When you think back to the classroom Valentine’s Day parties of your childhood, do images of those iconic candy conversation hearts come to mind? Maybe you hoped that the one your crush gave you was a subtle hint at their deeper feelings (UR CUTE, swoon). Though your students are too old for card exchange parties, […]

  • Artifical Intelligence

    How Design Can Use AI to Support Sustainability

    Design has its share of innovative technologies to address sustainability issues, including artificial intelligence (AI), which can help determine how to build (and re-build) structures to last longer and use minimal energy. Autodesk is leading the way in AI technologies, partnering with academia to ensure the next generation of designers and engineers are more informed […]