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  • Classical and Irish flute headjoint and embouchure experiments, designed in Fusion 360.

    Scholars Replicate Indigenous Flutes with 3D Printing

    The repatriation of Native American artifacts from museums back to their tribes of origin has been a hot-button topic as of late, particularly how long the process has often taken since the Native American Protection and Repatriation Act became US law in 1990. Yet even when repatriation does happen, the artifacts can be in poor…

  • Bogi Lateiner standing in front of the Iron Maven car at SEMA

    Wrenching for Empowerment: The All-Female Girl Gang Garage Builds Cars, Confidence, and Community

    At a busy autoshop in Phoenix, Arizona, feverish work on a vintage car re-build presses on ahead of a deadline for a large automotive convention. Engine work, welding, grinding, painting, and polishing are all part of this large collaborative effort that has taken many months to transform a more than 60-year-old husk into a modern…