New in Autodesk Premium Plan: Directory Sync & Reporting APIs

Emily Svensson
Emily Svensson December 16, 2021 1 min read

We’re excited to announce two new features for Autodesk plans:

Quickly and Automatically Manage Autodesk Users

With directory sync, all user invites, removals, and product assignments can now be fully automated. You will be able to create and manage groups directly through your organization’s user directory and see the changes synced to your team in Autodesk Account.

For example, users added to an ‘engineers’ group will be automatically assigned product access to AutoCAD and Civil 3D when they are added to that group, or unassigned product access when they are removed from the group.

How to Set Up Directory Sync

  • As a first step, your organization or team will need to have single sign-on enabled.​ If you haven’t enabled SSO yet, you can follow these Autodesk single sign-on steps or reach out to your Autodesk representative or partner for assistance.
  • Next, you’ll want to connect your organization’s directory to Autodesk Account. Primary admins or SSO admins can Autodesk directory sync steps. After that, all admin roles will be able to view synced groups, users, and even assign product permissions to synced groups.

Getting the Most out of your Autodesk plan

If you’d like to take advantage of another user management feature without syncing to a user directory, try groups. This feature is available to admins on all Autodesk subscription plans. You can create and self-manage groups of users and their product assignments within Autodesk Account, without syncing to a user directory. Learn more about user groups in the blog.

If you are interested in using directory sync, consider upgrading to a Premium or Enterprise plan. You can explore Autodesk subscription plans here.