Realize the Premium Advantage with Personalized Coaching for Admins and End Users

Doug Abt Doug Abt April 11, 2023

1 min read

Did you know that Autodesk Premium technology admins have access to personalized coaching? At Autodesk, we are committed to providing professional development opportunities for our customers, because your success is our success. That’s why we are excited to announce Premium coaching

Admins with a Premium plan can now request personalized, live coaching sessions from experts at Autodesk to help expand their abilities as technology managers. Learn how to use Autodesk reporting tools to gain insights on your users’ frequency of use so you can make more informed purchasing decisions, avoid version conflicts, and ensure teams are using software efficiently. 

Admin coaching provides personalized sessions, so you don’t miss out on the latest industry trends, technologies, and best practices. During the remote coaching sessions, Autodesk specialists will provide tailored guidance on key industry workflows and may include live demonstrations, presentations, and practice datasets with opportunities for Q&A. 

In addition to admin coaching, admins can also choose from our catalog of over 50 different topics to register your teams for user coaching. Request live user coaching for help with onboarding new employees, upskilling teams on recommended workflows, and learning best practices from Autodesk Technical Assistance Specialists. 

It’s easy to get started – just head to the Coaching for Premium website, sign into your Autodesk account, and request a personalized coaching session. Before your session begins, an Autodesk team member will reach out to discuss how to best tailor the session to your needs. The sessions typically run between 60 and 90 minutes to address all the topics you would like to learn more about. 

Live coaching sessions feature interactive demonstrations, so your teams get a hands-on, active-learning experience. Even better, our live sessions are recorded for future reference or for team members that may not be available for a session. Past recordings are also great tools to supplement the onboarding process for new employees. And because these learning sessions are remote, your teams can improve their use of Autodesk tools no matter where they work. 

Live coaching is just one of the many ways we add value to your Premium subscription. Premium plan subscribers can access one live coaching session per enterprise every 90 days. Register for a live session today or check out pre-recorded coaching courses. Learn more here