Why it’s essential to update to your Autodesk software

Doug Abt Doug Abt April 19, 2023

2 min read

There are few things more important to technology admins than keeping their users up to date on software to ensure they have the latest features, bug fixes, and most optimized experiences to do their jobs well. Not only is it easy to update your teams to the latest versions of the Autodesk products they use, but updates are also built into your Autodesk subscriptions. 

Keeping your teams on the most up-to-date software they use is a bit like owning a car. Every now and then, regular maintenance is needed to keep your experience optimized for speed, safety, and function. Moving away from the car metaphor, Autodesk products undergo yearly version upgrades to bring your teams new features and enhancements that increase productivity, save time, and reduce costs to help you get the most value from your software. 

These updates keep your software optimized for the latest hardware your teams use. As technology across industries continues to advance at rapid speed, Autodesk is committed to staying on top of product updates to ensure your teams can continue to design, build, and create as efficiently as possible. 

Why Update? 

The benefits of staying on the most up to date software speak for themselves. For example, users saw an average productivity gain of up to 57% with AutoCAD 2023 when compared to AutoCAD 2019.  

While the new features that come with updates are alluring, it’s the tangible benefits of time savings that your users will see right away. Older versions of software may produce results, render designs, and overall function much slower than the newest versions of software for your Autodesk products. Users spending less time waiting for rendering, processing, and other functions directly translates to more efficient project lifecycles and increased cost savings. 

When your teams are on the latest versions of Autodesk software, it also improves communication between departments throughout project lifecycles. With each update, we are enhancing how users can better collaborate and communicate throughout project lifecycles to make it that much easier to get the job done.  

It’s easy to find out if you and your teams are on the latest versions of software. Autodesk Access – which recently replaced Autodesk Desktop Application (ADA) – makes managing product updates simple for technology admins. Autodesk Access ensures admins, and their teams, are on the latest software without interfering with active workflows. Learn more about the switch from ADA to Autodesk Access