We’re Making Improvements to the Admin Experience

jhand jhand May 10, 2023

3 min read

Roads, buildings, movies – they can’t be built by one person alone. It takes dedicated, experienced teams to design and build the amazing projects that Autodesk customers create across industries. As a technology admin, we want you to know that Autodesk is here to support you with continuous improvements to save time, reduce costs, and increase productivity, so you can better manage your teams and get the most value from your software. 

What is the Customer Value Hub? 

In 2022, we launched the Autodesk Customer Value Hub to update our customers on the enhancements we’re making to products they use every day, provide clarity and flexibility in the way our customers purchase Autodesk products, and showcase the value of doing business with Autodesk. You can explore the Customer Value Hub to find industry-relevant updates and to learn how Autodesk is listening, investing, and delivering on customer requested updates across our product offerings. 

The Customer Value Hub also provides roadmaps for our most popular products by industry, so admins can prepare their teams for upcoming updates and enhancements. In addition, product timelines provide admins with information on previous updates and enhancements. 

Software update timelines and product roadmaps: 

Architecture Engineering & Construction 

Product Design & Manufacturing 

Media & Entertainment 

Committed to delivering continuous value 

The technology admin section on the customer value hub is a new space purpose-built for you. It features an enhancement timeline detailing the improvements we’ve made to help you save time and increase productivity and an updated roadmap with resources to help you more effectively manage the technology your teams use. 

Here are just a few of the recent enhancements made in Autodesk Account to help you more easily manage your software and users: 

If you are a visual learner, check out the Autodesk Account Admin Quick Start Guide with step-by-step videos designed specifically for admins.  

One size does not fit all  

In addition to Standard, Premium, and Enterprise plans, you can take advantage of new, flexible buying options that meet your team’s specific needs. Do you have users who only need occasional access to an Autodesk product? Now, you can take advantage of Flex pay-per-day and pay-per-result access to over 100 Autodesk products for infrequent users.  

It’s easy – admins pre-purchase tokens to access any product available with Flex for a daily rate. This is a great alternative for team members or individuals who want to try a product or only need occasional access. And with usage reporting, you can see how many Flex tokens have been consumed to improve budget planning. You can learn more about Flex tokens and other flexible buying options here. 

Autodesk is committed to continually enhancing the admin experience. Our job is to provide you with the ability to effortlessly get your teams up and running with the latest technology so you can spend more time providing business value through insight-driven software investment optimization. 

We have built these new spaces for admins because we want to hear from you. We recognize that when we hear from customers, it’s not always with success stories. We value hearing all customer feedback so we can provide a better experience and product for our admins and users. We’re committed to listening, investing, and delivering for our customers. Some of the best ideas come from our customers, so get in touch with us on the Technology Manager Forum