Simplify User Management with Single Sign-On & Directory Sync

jhand jhand May 25, 2023

2 min read

Wouldn’t it be nice to have one less password to worry about? We’ve made it easier for admins on all Autodesk plans to do exactly this. With single sign-on (SSO), you can maintain one email/password combo per user. For our Premium admins, you can take the benefits of SSO even further by combining it with directory sync – so you can manage users across your organization and Autodesk’s user management platform at the same time, directly from your organization’s directory groups.  

Single sign-on  

No one likes to keep track of too many passwords. With SSO, users can access Autodesk products and services with the same email and password they use to sign into your organization, giving them one less password to remember.  

Password policies applied to your organization are also applied across all Autodesk products and services, so if users are already signed into your organization, they won’t need to sign in again to access Autodesk – nice and easy for both you and your users! 

If there are any permission changes within your organization, these changes will automatically be applied to Autodesk access too. For example, if an employee’s email access is revoked, they will also lose access to Autodesk – saving you time from having to change permissions manually. 

Directory sync 

If you’re a Premium admin, enable directory sync to keep user details synchronized with your organization’s user directory. With automated syncing between your organization’s directory groups and Autodesk teams, user details stay current across Autodesk products and services.  

Autodesk access can also be managed within your organization’s user directory. Premium admins can fully automate user invites, removals, and product assignments using directory sync. You don’t have to send manual invitations to add users to Autodesk teams anymore, and you can remove users from synced groups –all from your organization’s directory.  

Using directory sync with SSO lets you unlock new value for your business 

Combining the automation of directory sync with the security of SSO ensures user account information is consistent across multiple directories. With directory sync, you can eliminate assigning subscriptions manually, reduce inactive licenses, and optimize security.  

Using these two technologies together helps organizations:  

Our goal is to help you reduce the number of repetitive tasks involved with user management, so you can spend more time driving business value. 

Get started 

Begin by enabling SSO for your organization by following our single sign-on instructions. If you have a Premium plan, once you’ve enabled SSO, you can follow our directory sync instructions to connect your organization’s directory to Autodesk Account.