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Feature Friday: Using Quick Preview Cards to Speed Up Your Processes

Michelle Stone
February 15, 2021

The ability to get a quick preview of critical details (and perform workflow actions) is definitely something I include when onboarding new Fusion Lifecycle users! It really makes it easy to get information quickly and work through your ‘My Outstanding Work’ to-do list. We recently introduced the ability to expand the preview card so I figured this was a good opportunity to make sure everyone is aware of that and encourage Fusion Lifecycle admins to configure data card previews if they aren’t using them now.

User Experience

You’ll notice that on the dashboard any linked items have the ability to have a preview card. This saves times – fewer clicks to get to the pertinent information you need. If you do need a deeper dive, navigate away to the full record.



What I love about this functionality is the ability to transition the workflow right from the card. Quick video to see how easy it is!


When an administrator is configuring the Item Details for a workspace, there’s the option to display a field on the Preview Card.

Consider what information would be most useful to your end users and enable those to be visible on the preview card.

In last week’s release, we added the ability to maximize the preview card in cases where more screen real estate is needed – be sure to let your end users know about this enhancement!

Full details on how to Customize Item Preview Fields available in the Help guide.

Michelle Stone