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Under the Hood - All things PDM and PLM

Autodesk Cloud PLM Lets You Do More with Your Data and Your Day

Alexandra Maraldo
September 28, 2022

In today’s world of fast-paced innovation and constant market changes, you are more pressed than ever to get the most out of every hour of your day. Autodesk’s latest PLM webinar taught participants how to better manage their data to get the most out of their day. If you missed it, Autodesk experts explained how data and process management with Autodesk cloud PLM can give you more hours in your day by organizing your product data, optimizing your processes, and centralizing all your stakeholders.

Organize your product data

We know that engineers are wasting hours a day searching in the wrong places or correcting mistakes that could have been avoided if they had been using the most up to date data. Often different teams are using different methods of communication or file formats that create confusion and disorganization that, ultimately, leads to wasted time and increased costs. Remove this roadblock and save their time by making sure all your product data is in one central location, accessible to anyone who needs it, and always up to date to reduce time wasted searching and minimize errors related to using outdated information.

Optimize your processes

Administrative tasks can be tedious and time consuming, not to mention they often open your data up to human error. By streamlining and automating these necessary, but low value, tasks you can save weeks or even months of your team’s time over the span of a year. Make more time for your team to do what they do best by automating low value processes so they can focus on the tasks that matter.

Centralize your stakeholders

Your product-related processes can be complex and often involve various stakeholders from inside and outside your organization. To avoid bottlenecks and keep teams moving, it is important to give all your stakeholders access to the data they need and include any relevant stakeholders in your product workflows. Bring all your internal and external stakeholders into the design process earlier to save time and money throughout your product’s lifecycle

Want to learn more? Click here to access the webinar on-demand and listen to our Autodesk technical experts answer participant questions

Alexandra Maraldo

Alex is a marketing manager at Autodesk specialising in PLM and PDM solutions.