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10 months ago

AutoCAD 2017: Its... Alive

  Autodesk® today announced the availability of AutoCAD® 2017 software to help you stay at the forefront of design. The latest release enables you to work faster and smarter across connected desktop and mobile solutions, easily collaborate with colleagues, create personalized design experiences, and stay up to date with the newest […]

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Cat Pictures
8 months ago


Say it with BIM visualization and win the business—and then use the models to keep the project moving smoothly forward. That’s the message from Jeff Lyons, of Landproject, Inc., which uses 3D infrastructure models to show prospective clients just what they’re getting. Designed to impress? You bet. But what really “sells” is the built-in […]

Diana Martinez
10 months ago


The ability to customize AutoCAD to meet your specific needs is a great benefit. And the ability to bring your valuable customizations forward from a previous release is a necessity! The new Migrate Custom Settings tool in AutoCAD 2017 offers a modern and informative interface making it easier than ever […]

Diana Martinez
about 1 year ago

AU 2015 AutoCAD and LT Classes Now Online

Just like the holiday season, Autodesk University (AU) 2015 may be gone but it doesn’t have to be forgotten. Dozens of recorded AutoCAD® classes and AutoCAD LT® classes are now online—and dressed up with a festive assortment of downloadable resources—so you can think of AU 2015 as the gift that keeps on […]

Diana Martinez
about 1 year ago

Here is Another Sample Post

There are so many things to feel sad about in life. I have noticed that I often enjoy fixating on the smallest of them. This ski lodge in New Hampshire where we are staying is one. It’s not a sad place, necessarily. It was built with an alpine theme in […]

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