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In the Fold: Autodesk news and opinions

17 days ago

How GM and Autodesk are using generative design for vehicles of the future


By Bill Danon

General Motors’ auto engineers have been heavyweights in vehicle lightweighting for years. Just since 2016, GM has launched 14 new vehicle models with a total mass reduction of over 5000 pounds or more than 350 pounds per vehicle.

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What We Like This Week: Thinking Things Through

by Mouncey Ferguson

Rapid changes in technology are making everyone do some thinking these days. Here are some of our favorite inspirations and insights from the week.

  • AEC leading in AV? The construction industry hasn’t always rushed to adopt new technology, but that could be changing.

Lamina: Crafting Better Surfboards for Surfers and the Environment

By Mouncey Ferguson

When you think of surfing, chances are you picture an untrammeled, idyllic beach scene, with surfers coasting down waves just off the shore. For many surfers, the very act of surfing is associated with a connection to the ocean and nature itself.

It’s ironic,


What We Like This Week: Automation Therapy

By Mouncey Ferguson

This week, we’ve been following stories about all kinds of automation, from good talkers to hard workers to map makers. Check out our picks:

  • Let’s make this work. Humans and our automated creations are certainly in a long-term relationship and, as any therapist will tell you,

Check out this seaweed-inspired, 3D printed metal bottle opener

By Liz Nugent

For Autodesk designer Andriy Banadyga, inspiration can come from anywhere. So when he was thinking up a new design for a bottle opener, the first thing that came to him was… seaweed. Andriy wanted to replicate the way that kelp fronds ripple in the ocean’s shifting tides,


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