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In this article, we will cover some of the different Information Technology (IT) Intern options available at Autodesk, including network engineering, software development, and process improvement.

Software Engineer

Software engineers create computer applications to solve problems. Software engineers interns will work in a variety of programming languages at Autodesk. Software engineer interns can expect to learn the ins and outs of improving existing software such as AutoCAD and developing new software to meet the growing demands of an automated economy.

On-site internships at Autodesk typically last six months. Software engineers hoping to intern at Autodesk should currently be enrolled in a computer science master’s or Ph.D. program with a proven history of working on machine learning or other related projects.


Autodesk analysts are responsible for researching related industry topics. Analysts should be able to compile, interpret, and deliver researched data in meaningful reports that provide real-world insights. Analysts will primarily be responsible for analyzing quantitative data but may be asked to work with qualitative data as needed.

Analysis requires an inquisitive mind that is able to think in abstract terms. The analyst’s job is to contextualize data and make it significant and impactful. Successful analyst interns will have impeccable interpersonal skills that allow them to turn their data reports into actionable items for a variety of Autodesk teams.

Analysts should be matriculating undergraduates with a knack for data storytelling.

Process Improver

Efficiency is at the crux of Autodesk’s mission. Process improvers are responsible for increasing the efficiency of current processes at Autodesk. Process improvers are involved with a dynamic set of tasks, but will primarily be responsible for collecting data about system processes from department heads.

The process improver will take collected information and use it to develop strategies that will improve department efficiency. Process improvers must fully understand the workflow of the department they aim to improve for their efficiency strategies to succeed. The goal of the process improver intern is to streamline workflow by discarding wasteful processes.

Process improvers should be matriculating undergraduates with strong communication and presentation skills. Successful process improvers will be empaths with a strong desire to help people by increasing the efficiency of work tasks.

Quality Assurance Intern

Autodesk quality assurance interns ensure that projects are delivered on time and to appropriate specifications.

Quality assurance interns identify obstacles to project progression, create plans to test product functionality, analyze and record problems, and collaborate with colleagues to solve project problems. Upon completion of a project, quality assurance interns will be responsible for collecting testing feedback to ensure that the project has achieved its intended goal.

Quality assurance interns should be globally minded, with a strong eye for detail and good judgment. Their goal should be to cover all bases of a project by lending a hand when needed and keeping an eye on project progression.

Quality assurance interns should be currently enrolled in a computer science master’s or Ph.D. program and possess sharp problem-solving skills.

Experience Designer

Autodesk experience design interns are responsible for developing innovative solutions to existing design problems. Experience designer interns will work closely with software developers to improve the user and customer experience of Autodesk software products and services.

Experience designer interns should be improvement-minded. They must anticipate interface issues that could confuse a product’s target audience. After identifying design issues, they will develop artful design solutions that improve the user experience of an Autodesk product. 

Experience design interns should have a degree in user experience, interaction, media, or related fields. Successful candidates will have experience using UX design tools and the Adobe Creative Cloud programs.

Software Developer

Software developer interns work closely with experienced designers to develop intuitive workflows for software products. 

Software developers are responsible for researching and improving user experience, developing a variety of development tools for internal use, and collaborating with an extensive team of product designers, product managers, and software engineers.

Software developer interns should have a bachelor’s degree or higher in computer science and a strong handle on a single computing language.

Research Engineer

Autodesk research engineer interns improve research methods by serving as a liaison between team leads and academic collaborators. 

Research engineer interns will be responsible for participating in think-tank sessions to improve research techniques. Research engineer interns are also responsible for performing exploratory data analysis. They will develop, implement, and execute data collection and augmentation methods. 

Successful research engineer interns will possess a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field. Interns are expected to have the ability to program well in a single language. In addition, research engineers will need strong verbal and written communication skills to communicate their findings to stakeholders with varying degrees of technical knowledge.

Data Scientist

Autodesk data scientist interns identify what questions need to be answered for a project and then collect data to answer the question.

At Autodesk, data scientist interns use data science, computer vision, and natural language processing to improve product development. The data scientist will research and develop solutions to Autodesk projects through collaboration with a variety of other internal offices.

The successful data scientist intern will be organized and able to log, synthesize, and present their findings in both technical and non-technical terms to a variety of pertinent stakeholders.

Data scientist interns must have a bachelor’s or higher in computer science or a related field. Data scientist interns should be proficient in Python and have experience completing data science projects from inception to completion.

Network Engineer

Autodesk network engineer interns design and implement network configurations. Network engineers improve the efficiency and security of internal networks. Network engineer interns will be responsible for troubleshooting performance issues, carrying out network monitoring, and configuring security systems.

Network engineers should have the ability to program well in a single language. Network engineers will be required to collaborate with other IT departments to develop innovative solutions to network efficiency and security issues.

Network engineer interns should have a bachelor’s in computer science or a related field or be currently enrolled in a computer science master’s or Ph.D. program.

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