Seven years strong: How Autodesk has created a home for Pau Sánchez

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If you’re looking for someone who embodies what it means to live the Autodesk Life, look no further than Pau Sánchez! Pau has been with Autodesk for more than seven years and is incredibly passionate about the work he and the rest of us at Autodesk are doing to help shape a better world.

We recently sat down with Pau to learn more about why he loves what he does.

Tell us a little about what you do in your role. How did you get to where you are today?

I’m currently a Principal Recruiter, and I’m a hybrid employee based in Barcelona, Spain. I started as Talent Scout, and I’ve had four other roles since then. As I’ve advanced in my career, in addition to my role of hiring people for EMEA go-to-market positions, I’ve been more involved with the business and senior stakeholders about how we accelerate hiring, how we become more efficient, and how we stand in the market in terms of compensation. My job is not just about hiring; it is also about relationships and the balance between candidates, Autodesk, and our hiring managers.

Besides your day-to-day job, what else are you involved in at Autodesk?

I am part of Autodesk’s mentorship program, where we help employees grow within the company. I give mentees advice and coach them about their next career moves. I am a member of the Young Professionals Network employee resource group (ERG), where I help onboard members and launch initiatives inside the organization. I also help the Growth and Development Barcelona committee, and as part of my commitment to outside organizations, I help refugees who arrive in Spain prepare to start looking for jobs. Last, but not least, I am part of the Barcelona 1 Autodesk football team, training every week to win the Autodesk Football World Cup title again!

How has Autodesk’s culture impacted your experience working here?

Autodesk has chosen me to be an impact speaker in the company’s New Employee Orientation several times, and I have a feeling it’s because I am a true Autodesker. It’s very easy for me to explain who we are thanks to our culture!

Starting on day one, Autodesk is a company with the right tools to help employees get access to training and other opportunities. We are what we like to call a “customer company,” but we’re focused on our people, too. Autodesk has always encouraged me to speak up, propose changes, and give my point of view, which has helped me a lot when it comes to driving initiatives and stepping up in my role.

Our culture embraces flexibility, which empowers every Autodesker to thrive in this ever-changing world – this was very apparent during the peak of the pandemic. Now, with our new Flex Forward approach to hybrid work, we will gain even more flexibility to feel comfortable with our jobs.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Autodesk, and what are you most excited about in the future?

In just one word: PEOPLE. I am surrounded by great professionals but also great people who are always there to help. In our Barcelona office, people are excited to come to work, where they can feel a sense of belonging and fully contribute their talents. I am amazed at how engaged everyone is outside their jobs, too. For example, they are always joining initiatives to help other communities or collaborate with NGOs. Everyone is helpful and nice, which is key to having a good environment and being engaged at Autodesk.

While I still have a long journey ahead of me, I see myself retiring at Autodesk. I am very connected with Autodesk’s mission, and I am very confident our leadership team will continue working to create software that helps people and businesses be more sustainable. Autodesk is a company that makes me feel fulfilled in a professional and personal way.

Ready to shape the world and your future? Join us at Autodesk!

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