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Informed Infrastructure talks BIM on a grand scale

autodesk university
December 16, 2016


Want to see what the future of BIM looks like? Head to Informed Infrastructure to read all about the historic Grand Paris Express (GPE) project, a monumental undertaking that will effectively double the size of the Paris metro system, easing travel and connecting vital parts of the city.

According to the article, “Although it’s a historic project by any measure, it’s also one of the first infrastructure projects of this scale to use Building Information Modeling (BIM) from start to finish. With six architectural and civil engineering design firms participating in the project, and all of them producing 3D models instead of traditional 2D design content, the GPE is taking BIM for infrastructure to a whole new level.”

To learn more about the advantages and challenges of employing BIM on such a grand scale, read the full story:

BIM Breakthrough: Historic Grand Paris Express Employs BIM on Monumental Scale

If you want to dive even deeper into the use of BIM on the GPE project, head to AU online where you can access multiple AU 2016 classes focusing on different aspects of the topic. All aboard!



autodesk university