Integrating Fusion 360 generative design into your Alias and VRED workflows

Anastasia Rogers December 10, 2019

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If you’ve stayed up to date on all things Autodesk recently, you likely know that generative design inside of Fusion 360 is free until December 31st of this year. That means unlimited designs – unlimited potential for you to explore.

All of this might sound great for product design engineers, but what about automotive designers? How does generative fit into automotive?

Volkswagen recently took an old classic bus and transformed it into a work of engineering art, in large part thanks to generative design. They were able to significantly increase EV range on their bus through lightweighting of the wheels, interior structure, and mirror supports.

If you’re not familiar with the project, watch the video below.

Generative Design for Manufacturing With Fusion 360 | Autodesk

While not everyone needs to use generative design in their automotive workflows as extensively as VW’s bus project, it was a fantastic proof of concept for the process. Generative has automotive applications, like lightweighting as mentioned above, but also in structural design, and even in pure design aesthetic.

To prove these points on the usefulness of Autodesk’s generative design, let’s take a look at the Project Aurora Concept Car.

Certain components were modeled in Fusion 360’s generative design environment, then exported into Alias for the automotive design process. Once the Alias designs were finalized, the model was then exported to VRED for final rendering and finishing. Not only can generative designs be utilized in automotive design, they happen to look quite stunning… take a look.

Project Aurora is the perfect example of how to utilize generative design in your automotive workflows. Fusion 360 generative imported into Alias, then rendered in VRED.

Don’t miss out on experimenting with free unlimited generative design before it’s too late. Get started here.

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